Inside the New Hotel Weisses Kreuz Innsbruck Renovated by Noa* Network of Architecture

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Set in Innsbruck, Austria on a historic street in a building dating back to the 1460s is the charming Altstadhotel Weisses Kreuz. A charming, cozy, and enchanting hotel recently renovated by the Italian-based Noa* Network of Architecture. Read on to meet noa* and join us for a ‘rendezvous with Mozart’ at Weisses Kreuz!

Get to Know the Phenomenonal noa* Network of Architecture

Noa* was founded by Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier. The two met while working as project architects for the famous Italian architect Matteo Thun.

Lukas Rungger graduated as an architect from the Technical University of Graz in Austria, he also studied in Belgium and New York. After his studies, he worked in Austria and London before joining Matteo Thun’s office in Milan, Italy. He was a member of the Royal Institute of British Architecture before recently joining the Chamber of Architecture in Bolzano.

Stefan Rier graduated in interior design from the Centro Studi “Andrea Palladio” in Verona, but also in architecture from the Technical University of Ferrara. He worked in Bergamo, Italy, with Professor Massimiliano Mandarini and in Milan with Matteo Thun. He is also a member of the Chamber of Architecture in Bolzano.

Following their meeting, the duo decided to create their own architectural firm and so became noa* in 2010 in Bolzano. Since its creation, the company has grown to a team of 25+ employees, including architects and interior designers, office presses, and graphic designers.

noa* Founders

Noa* is known worldwide in the field of architecture and interior design, from New York to Berlin, via Milan and London. Major magazines such as Elle Décoration, Interior Design, and many others have already written about them. And we are so delighted to share with you this particular project in which the Altstadthotel Weisses Kreuz in Innsbruck, Austria, entrusted noa* with a stunning construction and renovation plan.

Altstadthotel Weisses Kreuz

The renovation of Weisses Kreuz began in January 2020 and finished in April 2021. With more than 3 thousand square meters of renovation and a structure dating back to the 1460s, of course, challenges occurred, to which each the architects masterfully rose.

front façade of weisses kreuz hotel historic building renovation

First and foremost, the front façade of the building had to be preserved as it is the soul of the building. When you are on the street, the hotel is easily recognizable by its front arcades, which is what makes it so charming.

The slogan of this project is baroque Chic Shock, you will quickly understand why. The aim of noa* Architecture is to take you on a journey through time.

When you arrive at the Altstadthotel Weisses Kreuz, you will discover a sober entrance in black and gold tones with a glass door, which allows you to have a taste. Once in the lobby, you will discover a mirrored corridor that leads to a lift. 

weisses kreuz hotel lobby
Mirrored corridor lobby

The Bar

I suggest you go to the heart of this hotel on the sixth floor. Welcome to the Blaue Brigitte Bar. When you arrive, you will find a 13-meter long table that dominates the room. It is at this table that you can enjoy your meals, but also take advantage of the bar.

Blaue Brigitte Bar weisses kreuz hotel innsbruck noa architecture
Blaue Brigitte Bar

The bar is open daily from 6 p.m. to midnight and welcomes both hotel guests and outsiders. This golden table creates a perfect contrast with the dark blue walls and smoked oak floor. The blue loft with its bay windows and glass alcoves gives you a great view of the city. You can enjoy your cocktails in various seating areas with unusual armchairs and gatsby style lighting which brings us back to noa’s theme for the project “Baroque Chic Schock”. This floor reflects the renewal of the hotel.

avalanche marble table koket luxury furniture

Inside the Rooms & Suites!

The first floor designed by noa* Architecture has been extended into the courtyard of the building to offer 6 new rooms. On this floor, I recommend the brand new 39m2 suite for two people called Super Patio. Nature is the inspiration for the suite. Indeed you will discover green jungle decor as well as antique furniture, which makes it so much more special. A 14m2 patio with a hanging chair opens into this room for your pleasure. Your relaxation and comfort is the goal at heart, so you’ll be able to sleep in a king-size bed but also refresh yourself thanks to the bar. 

Superpatio Suite noa architecture weisses kreuz
Super Patio Suite

Now let’s take our lift back to the second floor. Here you can discover the Mozart Suite, yes like the classical music composer. The hotel and noa* decided to pay tribute to him because Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed here in 1769 at the age of 13. This majestic suite consists of elements in red tones, from the walls to the floor and the curtains. A king-size four-poster bed awaits you. A billiard table and a private cognac and whisky bar are available for your evening entertainment.

Mozart Suite weisses kreuz noa architecture hospitality hotel design
Mozart Suite

More to Love:


Let’s go and discover the third floor where a strange room awaits you. The Besenkammer room is also nicknamed “broom cupboard” because it is the smallest room in the hotel. For the record, they wanted to pay tribute to the many criticisms of their former rooms. Criticisms such as “The room is tiny and absolutely horrible.” That’s why the Besenkammer is only 13m2 for two people, which is small. Despite its mini-size, this room has a lot of quality. Including a king-size bed as well as a patio and a swing. And above your bed, you will find a tennis racket signed by a famous Wimbledon champion.

Besenkammer Suite weisses kreuz tiniest luxury hotel rooms

Let’s go up one floor and discover the fourth floor which extends into the neighboring Franck Housse building which has 10 additional rooms. On this floor is the Golden Roof suite, the name refers to the golden roof (Goldene Dachl) seen from the suite’s bay window. It is one of the most spacious suites in the hotel, with a 50m2 room with a king-size bed and a private champagne bar for two to share. 

Golden Roof Suite weisses kreuz
Golden Roof Suite

More Rooms!

On each floor, you will find the suites, but also a variety of double and twin rooms. Each of these rooms is different in color. The lilac rooms are slightly larger than the light blue, the dark blue rooms have a balcony, the green rooms have a terrace overlooking the courtyard and the grey rooms have two beds.

Get Your Room ASAP for the Full Noa* Experience

If you wish you can even rent a Land Rover Defender 90 free of charge to tour the city of Innsbruck. Book your car the day before and be prepared to have fun!

Photo by Alex Filz, Courtesy of Noa*
Words by Laura Santos 
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