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Inspired® Bedroom 3d digital home Rendering online interior design

Seeking an elegant and unified atmosphere on the upper level of their home on the Spanish island of Mallorca, these homeowners commissioned Inspired® to help them reimagine their space. Based in Valencia, Inspired® is an Online Interior Design Studio that manages projects around the world and offers clients the ability to see their space photo-realistically before they buy a thing. On this occasion, they have taken care of designing three rooms: the master bedroom, the bathroom, and the terrace-balcony. The resulting space is a beautifully unified space predominated by a minimalist style but uniquely punctuated by trends typical of other styles. Scroll on to explore each space through photorealistic 3D images. And Be Inspired®!

Bedroom + Dressing room

According to the previous guidelines, the homeowners wanted a modern, spacious, minimalist-style bedroom with a dressing area. Other requirements were a large closet, an area to relax and read, a television, and a dressing table.

This room is a minimalist style. A light interior but at the same time featuring contrasting elements. The minimal use of decoration stands out so as not to overload the space. And when it comes to colors, rich earth tones of beige, brown, black, and white create a striking palette.

neutral luxury master bedroom design rendering


The objective was to achieve a unified bathroom with the master bedroom, by using the same color scheme and minimalist-modern style without the use of decoration. They highlight the great variety of textures in the finishes, materials, and lighting.

Balcony – Terrace

The outdoor space also harmonizes with the rest of the rooms. The main idea was to have a rest area. Another indispensable requirement was the creation of a canopy roof.

In this case, a modern style with loft elements has been chosen. The decoration consists of wooden slats on the walls and ceiling and the presence of plants.

terrace designed by Inspired® glancing eye design co
Interior by Inspired®

Prime Interior Design

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of expert interior designers and decorators to shape the spaces in which you live? What if you could also manage everything online with total comfort? Well, that’s basically what Inspired® offers you, an initiative of Glancing EYE Co.

Its Online Interior Design service allows you to collaborate with the best designers and view the results of their proposal in different visual formats, such as virtual reality or video. Discover the Prime side of your home.

If you want to know more about their services, get in touch with their commercial department. Contact.

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