Gray Coverage Secrets to Hide Those Silver Strands

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It’s completely normal to feel a whole host of emotions when you find your first gray hair. You might panic at the significance, but remember that aging is a privilege, and what you’re seeing is simply a natural process that’s bound to happen sooner or later. Many women are proud of their grays and want to show them off. It’s not surprising when there are so many gorgeous hairstyles for gray hair out there. But what if you’re not ready to embrace the grays just yet? That’s also ok! We have many tips on how to cover gray hair, so let’s get started.

5 Tips to Hide Those Silver Strands

Different Parts

Sometimes all you need is a new hairstyle for gray coverage. Check where the most gray strands are located and simply arrange your part so that it hides them. If you usually have a side part and that’s where a lot of grays have accumulated, just switch to a center part to give the illusion of no, or at least fewer, silver strands. If the part doesn’t feel comfortable or causes your hair to fall in your face all the time, you can use a pretty clip or bobby pins to clip it back.

Temporary Root Coverage

If you notice some gray hairs making themselves at home at your roots, but don’t have time to go to the salon just yet, root concealer could be just what you need. Root concealer options include sprays, gels, and powders. The spray is the most popular method and is good for covering larger sections, and gel and powder are more suited to smaller sections and can be applied more precisely. Make sure to select the color that matches your hair the closest. Options usually include light blonde, dark blonde, warm brown, brown, and dark brown.

Permanent Root Coverage

Because gray hairs seem to have a life of their own and are often coarser than your other strands, you might find that permanent dye is better at grey coverage than the temporary options mentioned above. Don’t make the mistake of coloring more hair than you need to though! When you dye previously dyed hair, you could end up with dull, dry, flat-looking hair. The best way to combat this is to use the applicator usually included in the box. This way, you can apply the color only to the areas that actually need a touch-up.

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Permanent Full Coverage

With so many different shade options on the market, finding the perfect hair color to dye away the grays has never been easier. Whether you choose to dye your hair blonde, red, brown, purple, or you want to know how to get stunning black hair, permanent hair color is the way forward. Just make sure to not wash your hair too often and to use shampoo and conditioner specially made for colored hair. You can then expect total gray coverage for 6-8 weeks. Then it’s time for either a root top-up or to fully color your hair again, whichever suits you best. Our article on caring for dyed hair reveals everything you need to know to keep your color vibrant for as long as possible.

Highlights for Subtle Coverage

Coloring your hair completely seems like hard work and too much commitment? Have you thought about getting highlights or lowlights to conceal those silver hairs? By blending highlights into your natural hair color, unwanted grays will magically disappear, and you can pep up your color at the same time. This low-maintenance look grows out gradually and continues to look natural so there’s no need to rush to grab another box of hair dye at the first hint of new growth.

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