7 Fun & Flirty Nail Trends to Watch for In 2022

2022 nail trends latest looks

We love seeing what’s going to be in when it comes to fashion, so with 2022 just around the corner we decided to see what’s trending in nails! Read on for some of the latest nail trends that are likely to be popular in 2022. And get ready to get fun and flirty with your nails all year long!

1. Metallic Manicure

The metallic mani trend has been gaining momentum and can be seen popping on Instagram and TikTok. There are lots of different designs to pick from including chain embellishments, french tips, ombre, and a strip along the cuticles. 

metallic silver 2022 nail trends latest nail art

There are various ways you can get the look. For instance, foil flakes, transfer foils, metallic chrome nail paints, or metal embellishments. Some beauty brands have also started a dedicated mirror metallic line of nail paints.

Therefore, it will be safe to say that the current obsession with metallic nails is only going to aggravate in 2022. 

2. Mismatched Nails

The social standard to match your nail paints has been around for so long as we can remember, but not anymore. Due to the endless combinations that it offers, mismatched nails don’t get old and is certainly going to be one of the top trends in 2022. 

Mismatched Nails Give You a Variety of Designs to Choose From

The mismatch could be in the design, colour, embellishments or all of them together! This particular style brings out the creativity in you as there are endless options to try. For 2022, the use of contrast colours with a hint of white or metallics is likely to be very popular.

3. Abstract Nail Design 

Right from the water cup and nail polish drips for marble nails back in 2014, the abstract design continues to be in trend to date. The abstract designs rely heavily on a lot of negative-space detailing and hence you can customise it as per your taste.

Abstract Nail Designs could be anything such as a stroke, swirl, or anything else

From cherry swirl to layered brights to paint strokes, there are plenty of options to choose from. The variety of designs enables you to paint your nails in true reflection of your personality.

decadence bookcase

4. Polka Dots

The Covid-19 pandemic had put a strict restriction in terms of where we can move. This forced the people to do their manicures at home without any advanced machinery or expert supervision. This led to the famous polka dot nail art design.

polka dot manicure

The reason why this came popular during the lockdown was that getting a polka dot design is comparatively easier to achieve with perfection at home. You can get it done with the help of a toothpick or a pencil tip. 

5. Fiberglass Nails

Another popular trend will be the fiberglass nails that are now deemed a better alternative to acrylics. The reason why people are likely to go for fiberglass nails is that it is thinner than other artificial nails and will give you the perfect natural look.

In addition to that, it does less harm to your natural nails as compared to gel extensions that are also very painful to remove. It gives you the ideal long nails without going through the pain of growing them naturally.

6. Nail Stickers

These also became very famous as the world was grappling with the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic. Nail stickers give you the perfect nail detailing without many efforts This is the reason people bought them more during lockdown when they could not avail of the salon services. 

nail stickers 2022 latest nail trends

As per a report by the Financial Times, sales of nail-care products climbed 218 percent year on year in the four weeks to April 11, as make-up sales declined. It seems like people have become very used to the comforts of using nail stickers. Also, as the fear of the deadly virus still lurks, the demand for nail stickers is likely to scale up.

7. Natural Nails

Last but not least, natural length nails with pastel shades of nail paints are still going to be on-trend in 2022. The reason is that more and more people are becoming increasingly cautious about hygiene which is easily maintained with normal length nails rather than coffin length nails.

Also, if you are a working woman, this could be just the trend you should follow as nude shades not only look classy but also add a hint of professionalism. 

Your Takeaway

While these nail trends are likely to sweep Instagram in 2022, we believe that the idea of perfect nails is very subjective. Therefore, feel free to try what you have set your heart upon. remember, the quirky trends came into being only because someone had the desire and guts to stand apart 😉

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