Everything There Is to Know About Getting the Hot Beard Look

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Beards are as trendy as ever and can be a very attractive style. However, it’s essential to maintain your beard and the skin underneath it if you want the perfect look!

If you aren’t properly taking care of your beard, not only will it look scraggly, but you could potentially be doing damage to your skin.

7 Great Care Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Beard

1. Properly Wash and Cleanse the Skin Underneath Your Beard

Using proper skincare products is essential regardless of whether or not you have a beard. Nevertheless, washing your face with soap can dry the skin, which will make your facial hair look much rougher. 

To keep your beard looking soft, use a moisturizing soap or shampoo created for the face. Using products specifically designed for the face will avoid irritating your skin which can cause acne or other common problems, including psoriasis or irritation.

2. Use Beard Oil to Make Your Beard Softer

Beard oil is an integral part of facial hair care because it helps make your facial hair smoother and softer. It also acts as a styling agent when you comb it into place. You should always massage any beard oil thoroughly before using combs or brushes to style your beards.

 Otherwise, you could end up with oil on the surface of your beards instead of inside them. Combining healthy oils into your beards can also help prevent dryness and damage.

3. Avoid Over-Trimming Your Beards

Over trimming your facial hair is a big mistake many men make when grooming their beards, but it’s important not to go overboard. 

You don’t want your beard too short because you’ll look unprofessional at work or dateless on Saturday night. 

When you’re just starting to grow your beard out, it’s okay to get the edges cleaned up and neat, but avoid over-trimming or thinning out certain sections of your beards during this early growth period while they’re still getting into their proper shape for optimal fullness and style.

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4. Use The Right Trimming Tools

One major mistake guys make using the wrong tools when trimming their beards. 

While it’s tempting to use scissors, you can damage your beards this way and harm their overall look, as well as cause split ends and uneven patches. Instead, stick with an electric trimmer that will cut off facial hair evenly without causing any damage or splitting.

5. Upgrade Your Razors and Brushes

If you’re serious about maintaining a great-looking beard, then upgrading your razors and brushes is probably for you. Most cheap razors aren’t sharp enough to remove all of the hairs around the neck or upper cheek areas which causes them to stick out like a sore thumb. 

When you use high-quality razors with sharp blades, as well as good beard brushes and combs, it will not only look much more attractive, but you’ll prevent pulling or snagging on those stubborn hairs.

Remember that brushing your beards daily is very beneficial for your facial hair. It trains it in the right direction, it untangles it, it makes it softer and more. Don’t sleep on combing your beards, guys!

6. Keep Your Beards Clean and Fluffy

Keeping your beards clean and fluffy is essential, but most men don’t realize that they’re doing it wrong and end up making their facial hair look thin and scraggly instead of fuller and thicker like they were hoping for. 

The trick to keeping your beards full is to use a boar’s bristle brush to distribute oils evenly throughout the entire length of your beards. 

This way, if you missed any spots when applying oil or balm (more on this later), the bristles can help guide it down to the roots.

7. Use Beard Balm to Style and Tame Your Beards

Beard balm is one of the best tips for maintaining a well-groomed beard. But you have to use it correctly to get the results you’re hoping for. 

Start by putting a small dollop into your palms and then rubbing them together to warm it up. Then apply it evenly throughout your beards.

Make sure not to apply too much because any sections of facial hair stick together, which isn’t attractive. 

If you end up with gobs of balm on your hands, rub it through your beards instead of trying to wipe it off unless you want a glossy appearance which is typically an indication that there’s too much product in your beards.

Wrapping Up Beard Care

Facial hair is an excellent addition to any man’s appearance, but it takes some effort and cares to keep it looking its best. 

If you’re eager to grow, groom, and style a fuller beard, then these seven tips for maintaining your beard will help you do just that. With a little patience, love for your facial hair, and the proper tools, you’ll be sporting a beard that others envy in no time.

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