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I’ve worked in the design industry for over 15 years so my thoughts on it run deep, to say the least! When Modsy approached me to try out their software I of course jumped on it. I’ve heard about virtual design platforms, written about them, talked to people who use them, but I realized I in fact had never used one. After logging in I quickly realized this was going to be super fun.

The Project: A New Living Room for Anna!

I began the virtual design process with a bit of reluctance, so much to fill in. BUT Modsy did a great job of keeping the questions to a minimum and making the process easy to get rolling. The slowest hold up of course was the pictures and dimensions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t download the app on my android (only available for Apple, grrr lol). But thanks to Google photos I was good ;).

Before photos and dimensions, Modsy showed me photos of rooms to select from to get a feel for my style. First in a mass, then asking me to pick just my top 3. A seemingly good process considering I really did like my final 3. A style combo Modsy named a “Rustic Traveler” and described as follows:

“Vintage spaces with a rustic feel are your cup of tea, and you’re mad for pulling in elements from many different styles and time periods. Your favorite places to shop are flea markets and antique stores, and you have that special gift for turning a street find into an amazing one-of-a-kind piece.”

The best part of this description? The fact that it is literally a dream style of mine. So not reality lol, but want it in my living room 100%!

Once my style had been determined Modsy asked me to upload my photos and a series of questions regarding measurements, budget, and pieces wanted/needed. I opted not to measure and add details about my existing furniture, but this is a great option and looked like an easy-to-use feature with some measuring effort.

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My Modsy Designer

My assigned Modsy designer Courtney introduced herself to me two days after I submitted all my materials and we scheduled a video call for five days later based on my schedule and within the nine-day window she provided me. On the day of our call, Courtney sent over two layout options for my space. My first reaction was, wow, so fun to see my space in this way. During the 15 minute call, we discussed what I liked and didn’t about the layout options and next steps, i.e. decor suggestions to buy in full 3D.

Now for the Final Result…

Six days after my call with Courtney the 3D drawings were ready. Two options were presented. Each design option included three 3D views, an updated and more detailed layout plan view, and lastly a very cool 360 view.



No. 2 was definitely my favorite. I loved how Courtney listened to what I asked in terms of layout and functionality. At first glance, I felt like it needed more color but this is an easy fix and I actually liked the airy natural tones of the space more after sitting with them for a bit. That being said the overall feel of both looks was still a bit too light for me, especially imagining my kids romping across the light-colored rugs and putting their fingers on the light-colored pillows. Even if they are durable, which Courtney did take note of, fear of white!

The best part of Modsy is that they will revise as many times as needed until the look is perfect, so I am sure Courtney and I will create a living room I will love!!

The Finances of Modsy

Curious how much this experience cost? I chose the Premium package, the lowest option but one that seemed like it had everything needed for the experience I sought. The package included a design of the exact room in 3D, unlimited revisions, online collaboration with a designer, and shopping my final look with exclusive discounts. Modsy also offered other options for multi-room projects and additional one-on-one design services.

To Wrap Up

If I was doing a whole house top to bottom and had a large budget I would hire a full-time private interior design firm because they can offer a level of bespoke and service that is different from virtual design. But they are certainly not the solution for every interior project! Enter Modsy, an amazing opportunity for people to create beautiful, functional interiors thanks to the power of technology! And it is SOO fabulous to see your design in 3D before you decide to make it a reality.

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