Timeless Interior Design Elements That Are Always In Style

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Whether you’re decorating your living space on your own or hiring an interior decorator, insisting on timeless design elements is always a great idea. If you are looking to create a timeless interior here are ten ideas you might want to take into consideration.

10 Timeless Interior Design Elements

Vintage Furniture Pieces

Vintage is one of the best ways to introduce tradition and elegance into your home. Especially if you stick to large furniture pieces that are eye-catching and made from quality materials. So, find vintage sofas, chairs, desks, and other pieces on your local flea market. Or reupholster them without spending too much money. You’ll love your new space.

Interior by Peti Lau (Photo by Brittany Ambridge)

Elegant Wall Colors

This is another wonderful idea, but you need to remember that finding elegant wall colors is always easy. Try relying on simple and effective choices – yellow, beige, grey, black, and white – that can go a long way. Moreover, if you repaint the walls on your own, remember you can do that as often as you want. You can even change colors whenever the desire arises.

timeless interior design Maison Arabella Period Townhouse Living Room
Interior by Maison Arabella

Go Neutral

Besides being elegant and simple, the aforementioned color choices are also neutral as well. This is often a better option than picking certain colors just because they’re trendy. You may believe trendy colors work for you – and they really might work for a while – but the fact is that your fascination with these colors will eventually fade away. So, just go neutral and choose colors that are timeless and stylish. These colors will help allow you to explore different furniture options and decorating pieces. So don’t be afraid to make your home more neutral than ever.

Good and Quality Materials

Insisting on the visual appeal of your home is important, but if you value quality over quantity, you’ll also insist on quality materials too. This goes for every part of your interior space, from your curtains to your rugs, and everything in between. One of the ways to make this process simple and effective is sticking to those multipurpose rugs from the Miss Amara collection. They are made from natural materials and come in different shapes and sizes, which means everyone will be able to find the right rug for them. Be sure to select quality upholstery and casegoods too!

NA Architects KOKET Reve Mirrors
Interior by NA Architects featuring KOKET Reve Mirrors and Boca do Lobo Mondrian Cabinet

Natural Options

Another important issue you need to address when picking materials is their sustainability. Instead of using expensive materials that are usually bad for the environment, go for natural materials or, even better, repurposed materials. This is a great way to boost your home’s elegance and visual appeal. As well it will make it more timeless and eco-friendly than it’s ever been.

Gold and Brass Touches

Gold and brass might not be your most favorite materials in the world, but if you’re trying to make your home more elegant and timeless, these are the choices you need to make. Brass and gold features on your faucets, mirrors, coffee tables, and even those pulls, knobs, and handles on your kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in your interior space.

muse sconce by koket hand decor
MUSE Sconce by KOKET

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Classic Patterns

Some people love exploring different patterns in different parts of their home, while others love keeping things smart and simple. Classic patterns might not seem like the most inventive choices out there, but these can be more exciting and versatile than you can imagine. There are quite a few patterns that can work well with your tiles, your furniture, your rugs, and other parts of your design, so explore all your options and pick with care.

Chinoiserie offers a timelessness in this bedroom design by Celine Interior Design
Chinoiserie offers a timelessness in this bedroom design by Celine Interior Design

Focal Point

This is another simple way to make your home timeless, especially if you create a new focal point in your living room. From classic options – a fireplace, a bookcase, or a massive painting – to ideas that are a bit more avant-garde – an art piece, a chandelier, or a huge TV – you can surely find an idea that might work for you and your interior decorating style.

timeless interior design denise chair roxy chandelier tabu cocktail table vamp sofa koket projects
Interior by KOKET

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Mixing Different Styles

Picking a distinct style that’s going to transform your home and take it from ordinary to amazing isn’t easy, no matter how opinionated and determined you are. That’s why mixing different styles is the way to go, but make sure you do this right. Limit your color palette, stick to a unifying pattern that will feature in every corner of your home, and introduce a certain theme that’s going to keep your home more cohesive.

timeless interior design reve mirror mia chairs paris center table olivia pouf koket projects
Interior by KOKET

Subway Tiles

In the end, if you want your entire home to look amazing and timeless, you must pay attention to your kitchen and bathroom too. Using subway tiles is a classic and timeless look. And what’s even better is that these tiles come in different shapes and colors, so finding the right ones shouldn’t be hard at all.

laura u timeless interior design kitchen subway tiles
Interior by Laura U

Even though we can’t predict the future of interior design, it’s safe to say that none of these ten ideas will ever go out of style. So, if you want to make your interior design timeless and unique, explore them right now and start renovating your home today!

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