The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Sustainability

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The world of fashion is exciting, inspirational, and immersive. It is ever-changing with the times and the most convenient way to express individuality. However, the fashion industry has taken a turn for the worst within the last 20 years, negatively impacting the environment.

The good news is there are ways we can prevent the fashion industry’s impact through sustainability, such as recycling and buying our clothing from companies that produce limited quantities of high-quality pieces, like Sézane. Shopping luxurious has more benefits than you might think– and we could all use more reasons to splurge! Plus, we need to be doing all we can to sustain this great blue home of ours.

The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Sustainability

What’s Going On

The fashion industry comes in third place for contributing to the world’s pollution. This is mainly due to the harmful production of fast fashion and its waste. For instance, it takes a lot of water (93 billion cubic meters per year, to be exact) to manufacture our clothing.

Not to mention, the fashion industry takes a real dive into contributing to the planet’s carbon emissions. According to The World Bank, “the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50% by 2030.” There are also harmful pesticides and chemicals that are used to produce the fiber of our clothes, which ultimately demote important environmental factors, like biodiversity.

Fashion is constantly changing due to trends and other influences. The continuous cycle of throwing out old clothes for new ones wreaks havoc on our environment. Reports from 2020 have shown that 100 billion pieces of clothing were produced due to fast fashion.

Although affordable, the poor quality of clothing is not sustainable, leading to a high amount of waste. Most of this waste ends up polluting our oceans. The toxins released from the slowly-degrading pollution not only harm marine life but also us as we consume the seafood being affected.

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What We Can Do

Fast fashion and pollution are detrimental to our livelihoods, but there are ways to prevent these harmful outcomes through sustainability. For starters, recycle your clothing. Hand-me-downs and thrift shopping can save you money and save the environment – talk about a win-win! Be sure to take special care of older clothing by avoiding small loads and harsh laundry detergents when you wash your clothes. This will help them survive more wash days.

You could also splurge and buy high-quality clothing. This can ensure that your clothes last longer, making hand-me-downs a lot more bearable. Another way to help the environment is to look into companies that not only produce high-quality clothing but also produce limited quantities. This cuts back on waste and promotes less harmful manufacturing. This is also a great shopping alternative because it ensures that your style stays unique as there aren’t many duplicate pieces being produced. 

As time goes on, fashion changes and our carbon footprint increases. Let’s take a step back to reevaluate how we spend our time and money. Making small, but necessary changes to our wardrobe and the way we shop could make the difference that this world and our environment desperately need.

Words by Caitlin Battle
Featured Image by Alyssa Strohmann (@anotherlovely)

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