Luxury Garment Care: How to Care for Your Favorite Garments

luxury garment care

Taking care of your luxury garments is essential to protect your investment and ensure your clothes last for many years to come. Not taking care of your accessories and clothing items can result in shrinking, fading, or encountering other types of permanent damage. 

However, proper luxury garment care goes beyond following the washing and drying instructions on the label. Investing in luxury wooden hangers, for example, is one way to maintain your treasured garments. 

This guide will discuss various luxury treatment ideas to guarantee your clothing items stay in the best condition possible.

Luxury Garment Care

Hang Your Clothes With Luxury Wooden Hangers

Hanging delicate clothing items on wire or plastic hangers can result in your clothing becoming damaged. A major downside of using wire hangers is rust. If rust gets on your clothing, it’s very difficult to remove. 

Wire hangers can also bend under the weight of heavier garments. Heavier clothing items will end up on the floor or be left with unpleasant indentations. Plastic hangers are equally as flimsy. 

That’s why we recommend hanging your luxury shirts and pants on high-quality wooden hangers, like the kind sold at Butler Luxury. Wooden hangers are extremely durable and can support the weight of your clothing items. They’re also very stylish and can transform a lackluster closet into something special. 

Luxury accessories for clothing are essential. Not only do they ensure your clothing stays hung but they protect them from becoming damaged or ruined. 

Read the Laundering Instructions for Luxury Garment Care

As we mentioned before, one of the first steps in taking care of your luxury items is following the laundering instructions. The tag that’s found on the seam or neck of your shirt isn’t there for decoration. The label tells you how to wash the item to ensure it stays in perfect shape. 

If a clothing item says it requires dry-cleaning or hand-washing, you need to follow those instructions. Failing to do so could cause your clothing item to shrink or start to fray. If you’d prefer not to do either of those things, avoid purchasing products that require it. 

Even if we try to avoid it, our most treasured clothing items can get stained. You need to treat the stain as quickly as possible. Letting it sit can result in the stain becoming ingrained into the fabric. 

Letting your clothes dry naturally is another way to protect them. If you hang your clothing item to dry, you’re not exposing it to drastic heating elements. You can also lay the item flat on a clean table and turn it over every 30 minutes while it dries. 

Don’t Wash Them as Often 

Not washing a clothing item immediately after you wear it might be off-putting for some people. However, constantly exposing your luxury items to detergent, water, and spinning can wear them out. Try to put off washing your clothes until you need to. 

There are some denim brands that advise you never to wash your jeans but instead spot clean them. Like we talked about before, spot clean your items and treat any stains as they appear. 

It’s very tempting to toss your clothing items into your laundry basket after you take them off. We recommend you hang them up in a well-ventilated area before you store them the next morning. Ensure they’re free from stains and any unwanted smells before you wear them again. 

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Be Careful Ironing Your Clothes

Delicate clothing items can get ironed but you need to be careful. You don’t want to shrink or burn the fabric. 

If you need to iron something, we recommend putting your iron in the lowest possible setting. Some irons might have a setting for cashmere or wool, so you can use that. 

Turn the item inside out and lay a cloth or towel over your garment. Gently run your iron over the surface. Don’t let the iron linger on one spot. 

A steam cleaner is another great way to remove wrinkles from delicate clothing items. You can purchase one that’s small enough to pack in your suitcase to take with you when you’re on the go. 

A hand-held steam cleaner will work to remove wrinkles and creases from the most delicate fabrics. It’s more gentle than using an iron, so it’s a wonderful option when you have items with super delicate fabrics. 

You can also use the steam cleaner to freshen up and clean your clothing items. If you’re away from home and need to remove some spots from your clothing, a steam cleaner gets the job done fast and gently. 

Store Your Clothing Properly

Storing your clothing items properly in your closet or dresser will help extend their lifespan. In your closet, keep knit, satin, and wool items away from beading and sequins. The latter items can, unfortunately, snag on more delicate fabrics. You can do a full home remodeling to build a spacious walk-in closet for all your luxury garments.

You should also store your luxury items in a cool, dry closet that’s well-ventilated. None of your clothing items should be in direct sunlight. 

When you hang your items, you should keep at least one inch between your pieces. Avoid stuffing as much as you can inside of your closet. 

If you’re worried about moths and other pests, use cedar-scented hangers or blocks in your closet and dresser. Don’t use mothballs. 

You can also protect luxury items you don’t wear very often by hanging them in garment bags. A garment bag helps you store your clothing items more efficiently while protecting them from mold and pests. 

Take Care of Your Luxury Clothing Items

Washing your clothes properly and storing them using luxury wooden hangers are wonderful ways to ensure your clothing items last for many years to come. Your luxury clothing is an investment and deserves to be taken care of. 

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