The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

hairstyle for face shape

Everyone’s face is different. It’s not just the color of your eyes or the shape of your nose, your actual face has its own shape. Combine the different face shapes with individual genes and you’ll quickly realize why every face is unique.

To look your best you need to understand what face shape you have and what hairstyle will suit you best. Of course, you’ll also need a high-quality natural product, such as those in the Muk range. This will ensure your hair is healthy and looks fantastic regardless of what style you pick. Read on to learn the perfect hairstyle for your face shape!

The Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Rectangle Faces

If you have a rectangle face then your jaw and forehead are roughly the same width. You’ll want to soften one of these while avoiding making your face look longer in the process. That means you are best off with soft cuts and layers. This will emphasize your cheeks and detract from your jaw and forehead.

It is best to avoid longer hairstyles as these will elongate your face. If you do want the length, be sure to include some waves to add volume and soften the overall look.

Square Faces

Square faces are also similar in width at the forehead and jaw. However, the length of your face is also similar to the width, making it important to soften your face. Again, waves or layers are an effective way to soften your face. 

It’s also worth looking into styling a side part as this immediately reduces the squareness of your face. Combine this with long hair for a stunning look! 

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Oval Faces

The oval face is considered the most desirable and balanced of all face shapes. It’s the look that everyone wants but not everyone can have! An oval face can accommodate virtually any hairstyle. Of course, if you want to maximize your impact it’s best to go with short haircuts and lots of subtle layers or long cuts with gentle waves.

Round Faces

A round face is almost as heavily desired as an oval face. It means you have a balanced look although your cheeks are more rounded. When styling your hair you’ll need to focus on adding definition to your face. That means a long layered cut, such as the pixie cut, would make a great choice. 

You can also help stretch your face and transform your look by adding a side fringe that comes to just above your eye.

Diamond Faces

If you have wide cheeks with a narrow forehead and jawline, then you have a diamond-shaped face. You’ll want to soften the points with these hairstyles. The best hairstyles for this type of face use fringes to minimize the pointedness of your forehead. Combine this with a deep side part and a layered cut, preferably with long hair. It’ll finish around your chin and curve in toward it. You’ll find this widens your chin and enhances your cheeks. 

It doesn’t matter what face shape you have, you simply need to understand which parts of your face need to be emphasized and which do not. This will help you decide on your perfect hairstyle. 

Featured Image by Ali Pazani (@alipzn)

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