The Best Art and Design Schools in the World

best art and design schools

Even though difficulties may arise, one’s years as a student are usually very interesting. Students spend a lot of sleepless nights with textbooks and written work. In fact, I, like many students, seek help from certified writers to edit my paper to simply get some rest. All of the effort and sleepless nights are so that they choose the right future profession. Choosing a profession is an important part of everyone’s life. It is essential to choose a field you like, because only then will you love our work. So, it is important to choose the right university.

So without further ado, here are the best art and design schools in the world!

The Best Art and Design Schools in the World

Parsons School of Design at The New School – New York, USA

Parsons School of Design offers its students an innovative approach to education. Today, it is the only American art and design school that works within the framework of the New School educational project.

The school develops programs for students that allow them to effectively learn theory, participate in practical classes, and develop collaborative projects. Further, thanks to the training programs developed by highly qualified teachers, students receive a quality education and preparation for future work in well-known companies.

The school is the most prestigious in the United States. Many well-known fashion and interior designers studied here.

Students have access to modern multimedia equipment and an image processing laboratory. In addition, Parsons has a large library, a computer engineering classroom, and a canteen.

Rhode Island School of Design – Providence, USA

Funds from the Rhode Island Women’s Centennial Commission established the Rhode Island School of Design. The original amount was ~$1,700. The college’s founding feminists created a great image for RISD. They were successful 40 years before women were allowed to vote in elections.

One of the most famous photographers who studied at RISD is Henry Horenstein. He has written more than 35 books, the most famous of which is Black and White Photography. Professor Horenstein now teaches at his alma mater.

RISD is located in Providence, between two major cultural centers: Boston and New York. Today, 2,400 students from around the world come to Rhode Island each year for creative education. Statistically, 20% of RISD students are international.

Royal College of Art – London, UK

The RCA is located in the center of London. Many peoples and cultures have settled here, leaving a significant contribution to the city with its attractions, parks, museums, and stores. Further, the location is ideal for this institution. It is chosen by outstanding individuals with unconventional thinking and creativity. The college produces only master’s degrees.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – Paris, France

Founded in the 18th-century, ENSAD’s award-winning programs include fashion, photography, industrial design, scenography, animation, textile design, fine arts, and more. The school has just over 700 students and offers programs in French and English, as well as distance learning and internship options abroad.

Alumni include Jean-Paul Hood, former art director of Esquire magazine, and Annette Messager, winner of the Golden Lion Award.

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts – Paris, France

Founded in the 17th-century, the ENSBA in Paris is another legendary educational institution for creative students. Students take a full course of fine art in ancient classrooms, inspired by the world’s best masterpieces. Thus, they receive a comprehensive education, from art history to technical art skills, in the first phase of general studies and the second phase of highly specialized studies.

Seoul National University – Seoul, South Korea

SNU ranks first in quality in design and art in South Korea. Students can study crafts and design, traditional arts, music, and classical writing. In addition to classical subjects, the college also offers more modern disciplines such as art design and media management. Students work on group and individual creative projects and then present them in the college galleries.

Hongik University – Seoul, South Korea

The university offers quality and affordable programs for students in a variety of creative fields such as design, printmaking, fashion design, sculpture, traditional art, and more. All of these disciplines can be studied at the University’s School of Design. Above all, a distinctive feature of this college is a large number of doctoral programs in art and design

Korea National University of the Arts – Seoul, South Korea

Established in 1993, K-ARTS has become a specialized creative university, occupying an important place in the development of art. It consists of many art schools. Moreover, the university is known for its extensive international partnerships, allowing students to study through exchanges and internships all over the world. K-ARTS is also engaged in the crucial work of supporting and preserving Korean culture.

Technical University of Berlin – Berlin, Germany

TU Berlin is one of the nicest universities in the German capital. It is a huge university with ~35,000 international students and about 100 programs in international languages. Focusing on modern technical and applied education, the university offers students many opportunities for practical work and internships at partner companies abroad. In addition, the university’s state-of-the-art facilities and research programs allow students to take their creativity to the next level.

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Bauhaus-University Weimar – Weimar, Germany

Founded in the mid-nineteenth century and now with just over 4,000 students, the Bauhaus University of Weimar plays an important role in the development of modern German art. Students are offered educational programs in art and design, visual communications, architecture, and urbanism.

The educational process is based on the desire to experiment and bring creative ideas to life. Further, BUW has its wide professional and international cooperation, which allows its students to receive external grants from partners, partake in internships, and study on exchange in other countries.

Tongji University – Shanghai, China

Tongji University first opened its doors to students in 1906. A couple of years later, in addition to medicine, the institution began to teach other exact sciences, receiving the status of a university in 1923. Beginning in 1937 and for almost ten years, the university regularly changed its residence to Jinhua, Ganzhou, Kunming, Hezhou, and Yibin.

In 1978, Tongji University moved to a new level, re-establishing contact with Germany to exchange academic experiences, making it unique in the world. Statistically, foreigners make up almost 6-8% of the 50,000 students attending the university. The graduates are highly valued not only in China’s domestic labor market but also internationally.

Tsinghua University – Beijing, China

For residents of China, South Korea, and other countries, Tsinghua University is considered very prestigious. The last two first secretaries of the DPRK graduated from this university, and the mayor of Beijing was its rector. About 30% of the top management of China’s largest technology companies are Tsinghua graduates. Tsinghua University traditionally ranks in the top 5% of world educational rankings.

Tsinghua University is considered a major institution of higher education, as it enrolls more than 34,000 students. Both nationals and foreign nationals can enter the university. Approximately one in nine students is a foreign national.

Central Academy of Fine Arts of China – Beijing, China

Founded in 1918, The Academy was the first art academy in the country. Currently, it is one of the top three art and design schools in China and remains a major center for the development of traditional Chinese culture. The Academy includes schools of painting, fine art, experimental art, humanities, design, architecture, urban design, art management, and pedagogy.

Getting into this school is not easy. It has the most intense selection process of any school in the country, rejecting more than 90% of applicants each year. In all, the academy has about 3,800 students, including more than 100 foreigners.

The academy also includes a large museum containing more than 13,000 artifacts, including rare paintings on Ming Dynasty scrolls, and a modern library with unique art books and manuals.

Tokyo University of the Arts – Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1949, Tokyo University is the most prestigious educational institution in Japan and has several educational centers in the capital. It consists of the faculties of Fine Arts and Music, Film, and Media.

Students can study fine arts, design, sculpture, architecture, playing various musical instruments, art history, and other disciplines. Moreover, the university is highly professional and boasts famous alumni who have played a crucial role in the development of contemporary Japanese art and design, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hiroshi Teshigahara, Fuyuko Matsui, and Carl Randall.

Kyoto University of Arts – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a private educational institution popular with creative young people, offering a truly wide range of programs in the arts. The university consists of departments of fine and applied arts, information design, spatial design, product design, creative writing, art history, and heritage.

The one-of-a-kind Manga School is especially popular with students. One of the university’s major strengths is its extensive international cooperation. Thanks to the international connections of the University’s Art Research Center, it is regularly visited by famous artists from America, Europe, and Asia.

In addition, Kyoto University of Arts has partnerships with art schools in 12 countries, where students can go on exchange programs.

Seian University of Art and Design – Otsu, Japan

Seian University is an excellent choice for students seeking a creative education in a peaceful setting away from major cities. It is a small university known for its personalized approach to every student. Six departments offer programs in art, illustration, design, advertising, 3DCG modeling, traditional Japanese art, film, fashion design, and interior design.

Here we have provided you with basic information about the best art and design schools in the world. We also recommend that you read feedback from other students about studying at a particular institution of higher education that interests you.

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