5 Expert Tips for Shopping an Online Art Gallery

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“Art should be accessible and deeply intertwined with daily life,” says art expert Gabé Hirschowitz, founder of the online art gallery, Galerie Perrie. So true, but often not so easy. This is exactly why the long-time art lover, supporter, and consultant decided to start Galerie Perrie, an online art gallery offering a professionally curated collection of contemporary art from around the globe available to buy with a simple click. When it comes to shopping for art Gabé Hirschowitz is a master. So whether you shop GaleriePerrie.com for their authentic quality, or anywhere else you like, here are her top tips to successfully buy your next work of art at an online gallery.

5 Key Tips to Successfully Buy Art at an Online Gallery

5. Consider Your Space

Think about the function of the space. Is it a room that you meditate in? Work in? Entertain or host dinner parties in? Choose a piece that reflects the mood and energy of the room. What design goals are you trying to achieve with this space? Plan this out before buying.

shopping art online gallery - Gordon Parks - James Galanos Fashion, Hollywood, California, 1961, printed 2015
Gordon Parks – James Galanos Fashion, Hollywood, California, 1961, printed 2015

4. Research the Artist

More often than not, online galleries provide biographical information on the artist. You may discover some biographical information that speaks to you or helps you connect with a work in a new light. I don’t always suggest getting hung up on theory or background, but to buy from your intuition. Still, collecting is all about connecting with art on an emotional level, and for some, knowing is part of feeling.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Reach out to the online gallery with any questions you have about the artist or artwork. Perhaps you would like additional photos of a piece, such as close-up images of its surface texture or photos of it in different lighting. Considering the investment you’re making, a good online gallery will be happy to accommodate. 

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2. Blue Tape the Dimensions

Beyond planning out the mood of the room where your new purchase will live, it’s also a good idea to consider practicalities like dimensions. I recommend applying blue painter’s tape to your wall or floor space to mark out exactly how much area a piece will take up–bearing in mind that framing may also be integral. Remember: online photographs can throw any eye off as to the size of a piece, so minding the noted dimensions is critical.

Gabé Hirschowitz curating a gallery wall for KAWS - galerie perrie - online art gallery
Gabé Hirschowitz curating a gallery wall for KAWS

1. The Only Sure Rule Is There Are No Rules

Last but not least, in terms of the actual art that you want to collect, you should feel absolutely free to follow your heart. Trends come and go, so simply let your personal philosophical views, religion, travels, cultural background—whatever brings you joy—inform your decision. Tell a story. Don’t be afraid to combine a variety of styles. Combinations—as opposed to having “themed” rooms—can be refreshing and unique. Fall in love with something unexpected and take a leap of faith with your collection. For example, contemporary artwork can look beautiful in a more traditionally decorated home. Personally, I love my furniture neutral and my art colorful. Art breathes life into any space. 

No matter what, I always encourage my clients to invest in art you love! May the process bring continued joy, beauty, and warmth to your living spaces.

Gabé Hirschowitz, Galerie Perrie

A Few Notes on Gabé

Gabé Hirschowitz founder online art gallery galerie perrie
Gabé Hirschowitz

As founder of UNICEF’s groundbreaking Next Generation Art Party and former Acquisitions Committees manager at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA), Gabé Hirschowitz has a long history of supporting new and emerging artists, merging the same instincts into her art advising and philanthropic efforts.

In addition to founding Galerie Perrie, she has also continued to combine her passion for art with philanthropy, co-founding the Young Leadership Board of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services in Los Angeles and founding the COLLECT ART + DO GOOD™ organization, which has benefited Stand Up To Cancer, Make-A-Wish Foundation and other worthy causes. In 2016, her philanthropic work was recognized by President Barack Obama, who awarded Gabé the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her efforts supporting UNICEF’s Tap Project, which brings clean, safe drinking water to vulnerable children around the globe.

Meanwhile, Gabé has remained highly involved in the art and fashion industries. She is an active member of numerous art institutions and museums in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, and Sydney and has held a variety of positions with Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Italian Vogue, Teen Vogue, BWR Public Relations, The Museum of Contemporary Art: Los Angeles (MOCA), Leslie Sacks Fine Art: Brentwood, C Magazine, Modern Luxury, Clique Media, and The Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Feature Image: [Cropped] Portrait #1: Gabé Hirschowitz holds a photograph by Gordon Parks. (Portrait by Gustavo Ornelas, Feb. 2022.) Dress: Brandon Maxwell, Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

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