10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Photo Album

how to make the perfect wedding photo album

Every bride and groom wants to look back on their wedding day and remember the joy they felt when they walked down the aisle. A wedding photo album is a perfect way to capture your memories, but putting together your dream photo book requires a bit of pre-planning.

How to Make the Perfect Wedding Photo Album

If possible, plan your photo album before your wedding. It’ll make it easier for you to set up your album in a way that suits the props and colors in your photos. Here are some more great tips.

1. Browse Different Options and Ideas Online

Creating your own album from scratch isn’t easy, even for creative types. You can search online and gain inspiration from a set of wedding memory books or layouts other brides and grooms have used. Pinterest is a great source for scrapbook, photoshoot, and photobook ideas.

2. Pick Your Most Emotional Moments

Think of your photo album as an emotional record, not a technical or logical one. There are some expressions or moments that can’t be left out of your album, even if they aren’t the most flattering. No one looks great when crying, but it’s essential to display these emotions proudly.

3. Let the Photos Speak For Themselves

Sure, you could put 8 images on one page, but it results in a lot of visual clutter. Instead of stuffing the album to the brim, layer out your pages with one of two photos. You can even put one large photo across two pages. It’s better to let your photos speak for themselves.

4. Put Photos In Chronological Order

Wedding photo albums should tell a story, so organize them in the order of events. When your photos are in chronological order, it’s easier to remember and relive the day. It’s also a great idea to add shots from your rehearsal dinner, dress fitting, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

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5. Lay Out One Spread at a Time

Photo albums have a certain poetry to them. Putting your photos in chronological order is a great first step, but you also want to ensure your images flow together. To do this, think about each spread as a whole. Each page should relate to one another by style, color, or content.

6. Black and White vs. Color Images

Weddings feature a lot of white, black, and muted colors, making black and white images the go-to for wedding photographers. However, if you have a colorful wedding, you shouldn’t hide it! If you want a mix of both, that works too, so long as your album intermixes both color palettes. This idea works best for dusty blue weddings as the color palette not only creates aesthetic grays in black and white photos, but also looks amazing in color images.

7. Have Photos of Key Ceremony Moments

A wedding photo album would look empty without the exchange of rings, the bride and groom walking down the aisle, or the “I do” kiss. If you overlooked these photos in your first batch of emotional favorites, make sure to include them now. They’ll tie your photo book together.

8. Match Album Size to Wedding Size

Destination weddings, 4-day wedding weekends, and 200-people ceremonies require a large album, but small ceremonies won’t need more than 25 pages. Small albums are more intimate and represent a short ceremony, whereas large albums and weddings may hold more moments.

9. Limit Captions to Important Info Only

Captions are great in photo albums because they explain the context or record key moments. But in a wedding album, they can distract from the incredible photos. Resist the temptation to clutter up your album with quotes because your pictures should offer enough information alone.

10. Include Your Friends and Family

Whether you plan to share your photo album with family and friends, it’s vital to include everyone in your wedding album. At least one photo should consist of every individual guest. It’s a nice way to show the crucial role everyone played in celebrating your wedding day.

Feature Image: Photo by Bruno Couto

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