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In the wake of unprecedented levels of depression and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the pandemic, thankfully the reduction of traditional taboos about mental health has been considerable. People worldwide are opening up about their emotions, feelings, and desire to seek professional mental health care and/or medication. It is imperative for us as a society to embrace this introspection. And to be kind to those who have had worrying times recently. Seeking mental help is a symbol of strength, not weakness, and it needs to be embraced. This is exactly what Concierge Psychology is all about!

Based in the USA, Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry is a boutique psychotherapy, psychiatry, and life coaching establishment. Dedicated to providing excellent mental healthcare services to its adored clients in-person along with virtually to people around the USA. Considering this, it is no wonder industry experts have recognized them and that they were awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Concierge Medicine in the USA in 2022.

Meet Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry

Behind Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry is the owner and CEO, Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist (ABPP). Dr. Osei graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and minors in English and Biology from the University of Massachusetts and completed her Psy.D. and M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Her extensive and highly impressive qualifications ensure all her clients that they are receiving some of the best care they can.

dr. rebecca johnson osei luxury concierge psychology & psychiatry
Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, Owner & CEO

Dr. Osei works with clients from all walks of life, offering several diverse treatments for veterans, the homeless, corporate executives, public figures, and beyond. Dr. Osei helps in coping with emotional and mental issues whilst assisting her clients in molding the next stages of their lives. Currently, Dr. Osei’s focus is working with high-achieving individuals to help them flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Osei wanted to do more than build a practice where individuals feel they have found a safe space and found comfort in receiving the support that they need. She also wanted a practice that mirrored the same level of service and luxury expected in a five-star business.

Luxury Services for High-Achieving Individuals Looking to Flourish

The main mission at Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry is to help clients grow and be the best versions of themselves. Although each individual’s needs are different, the general goal of success and happiness is prevalent in each therapy session.

Clients can either come into the Atlanta-based office for therapy or receive support and guidance in the comfort of their own home or other location of their choice either in person or virtually. All services provided are discreet and the therapists and psychiatrists use an integrative approach to psychotherapy and medication management.

Services included flexible scheduling, concierge service, holistic treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused treatment, psychodynamic therapy, couples therapy, exposure therapy, family therapy, psychiatry, executive coaching and business consulting, medication management, and life coaching. Open-minded and non-judgmental, the team is available to all different types of individuals.

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Personalized Services

The services at Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry are available on-call and in a variety of settings. This allows Dr. Osei and her team to utilize an integrative approach to therapy and psychiatry. An approach usually limited by the four walls of a therapy office. Even though all psychotherapy and psychiatry interventions are tied in evidence-based procedures, clients can rest assured that everyone’s treatment is customized based on their own individual needs. Thus, truly personalized treatment.

If you are looking for a dedicated team providing high-quality, personalized services to each individual client, look no further than Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry. Whether you have relationship issues, have experienced trauma, have a mood disorder, or simply want to improve your life, Dr. Osei and her team come highly recommended in the mental health department and have positively impacted many lives. It is completely flexible, confidential, and customized to you. So you know you are receiving the best mental health service there is.

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