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At Love Happens, we adore beautiful and timeless things! Quality materials and great design are a must when it comes to long-lasting, high-end pieces. This is why we love the iconic Spanish brand Lladró. Their expertise in the design, production, and distribution of porcelain places them at the top of their industry. 

Lladró represents a fashionable, modern, and luxurious lifestyle that is hard not to fall in love with. A style that is undoubtedly evident in their stunning designs of sculptures, lighting, jewelry, and home accessories.

The Story of Lladró

The success of Lladró can be largely attributed to the brand’s bold choices, expertise, and careful attention to detail. The brand has evolved with the changing industry of porcelain art and has influenced many of those changes, gaining Lladró international recognition.

The brand was created by Juan, José, and Vicente Lladró, three brothers from Almàssera, Spain. In 1953, iconic manufacturers such as Meissen, Sèvres, and Capodimonte inspired the Lladró brothers to create their own ceramic figures, vases, and plates. They quickly developed a recognizable style of long lines and pastels in their porcelain creations, which became increasingly complex and groundbreaking, with gravity-defying designs emerging. This allowed for the opening of Lladró’s first store in the late 1950s in Valencia. 

Photo Courtsey Lladró
Photo Courtsey Lladró

Since the 1950s, Lladró has pioneered new industry methods, such as the single-firing technique, which took the place of the triple-firing method. This new firing method results in softer pastel colors that were not achievable through the triple-firing technique. Their continued dedication to creativity and care in all of their pieces allowed for the brand to grow and mature with the industry. The brand’s passion for expression through unique sculptures has propelled it to its place as a world leader in porcelain art.

Night Approaches Women Figurine. Limited Edition. By Lladró.
Night Approaches Women Figurine. Limited Edition. By Lladró.

Craftsmanship & Artistry

The handcrafted production of Lladró pieces guarantees the finest quality in all products. Dedicated designers and artists pay careful attention to each piece created in Lladró’s factory in Valencia, Spain. From paper to a mold filled with liquid porcelain, then carved, etched, and painted by hand, each design results in true work of art.

In addition, the brand embraces sustainability and continuous improvement of its environmental practices. Most of their materials are sourced locally in Spain, ensuring the minimization of carbon dioxide emissions. The brand is also working to improve its packaging. And to reuse its plaster molds to reduce plastic usage and waste production.


Lladró has had many unique collections throughout the years, including their intricate period scenes produced in the 90s and, more recently, their diverse collections celebrating religious traditions and varied cultures, including Asia, India, and Spain. 

One of Lladró’s most famous designs is their 18th Century Coach sculpture, featuring four white horses pulling a carriage. The piece is porcelain with a glossy finish highlighting its soft pastel colors.

XVIIIth Century Coach Sculpture. Limited Edition
XVIIIth Century Coach Sculpture. Limited Edition

Flamenco Flair Woman is another iconic design of theirs. It is a figurine of a woman flamenco dancing. This piece is especially notable, not only because of the exquisite details and vivid colors, but because the dance is also native to Spain.

Flamenco Flair Woman Sculpture, Red
Flamenco Flair Woman Sculpture, Red

Lladró creates beautiful Spanish porcelain pieces that constantly influence the trends and techniques of the industry. Their pieces are collected all around the world and have been featured in museums, galleries, and boutiques internationally.

Panther Figurine Black
Panther Figurine Black


Art is constantly inspired and influenced by other art. Because of this, collaborations with designers are a fantastic way to broaden a brand’s horizons and create revolutionary pieces. In their typical innovative fashion, Lladró has collaborated with top designers including Paul Smith, Bodo Sperlein, Rolito, and Gary Baseman in the past.

Lladró also strives to foster greater creativity through collaboration with other brands. A wonderful way to share growth efforts. Most recently, Lladró partnered with our publisher, KOKET, for an exhibition at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 from June 7-12 in Pavillion 01, Stand F09 in Milan.

Goddesd Mirror by KOKET

For this exhibition, KOKET designed an oriental boudoir-ish exhibit glorifying the power of a woman as a Goddess and embracing the East Meets West trend, making Lladró’s Asian-inspired sculptures a perfect fit. In addition to the beautiful porcelain figures, the exhibition also features a gorgeous black ceramic statement chandelier by Lladró, creating an empowering, beautifully cohesive must-see space!

Words by Safiya Farid

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