The Beauty of Digital Signage

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You may wonder why on earth a company would incorporate digital signage in their interior. In truth, there are several potential reasons. Companies like Kitcast are successful in the retail and entertainment industries, but there is a new trend toward using digital signs in interior design. Here are a few theories why!

The Retail Industry Is Integrating Digital Signage Into Shop Fitting Plans

Digital signs are not just an afterthought anymore. They are not a novelty or something bought on a whim. Companies are integrating digital signs into their original shop designs and making them an important part of their businesses. 

For example, companies like McDonald’s are replacing written menus with digital signs and setting up standing digital signs that allow people to buy their food without ever talking to anyone. 

During the lockdown and pandemic of 2020-2022, companies bought digital signs to help keep their businesses “contact-free.” By integrating digital signs into their plans, they found a way to “future proof” their businesses. In addition, they also found a number of new ways to run their business and save on staffing costs by using digital design.

Futuristic Design Works Well

The futuristic look of digital signs is a big selling point for any type of interior space. Whether it is a commercial space, retail environment, office, or home, the futuristic look can enhance the space. This is especially true when you realize just how much a digital sign can do within a household. You can hook them up to cameras outside your front door so you can see who is at your home. Additionally, you can set up your digital signs to show multiple schedules. This allows your family to see everything from the next dentist appointment to tonight’s dinner menu.

Digital signs also have a place in home and business security. This has been true since the digital sign replaced the computer monitor as a way of watching signs. 

In addition to their practical uses, digital signs can also be aesthetically pleasing, which makes them more appealing for interior design.

digital art sign in home from Kitcast blog
Photo from Kitcast Blog: “Art Exhibitions Digital Signage: Best Practices”

Digital Signs Are Cheaper to Buy and Run

The popularity of digital signs could never have happened if not for China. The country purposefully devalued its own currency and started churning out TVs, monitors, and digital signs at a fraction of their previous cost. In recent years, the entire industry has seen screen costs go down dramatically because of these production changes.

Additionally, TV screen technology is more advanced than it was ten years ago. We are living in an era where you can purchase a large screen, 4K UHD Smart TV for one-tenth of the price that a regular large screen TV would have cost you ten years ago. That is not even accounting for inflation. The price of a TV screen is relatively small, the technology is almost space-aged, and the cost to run a TV nowadays is a tiny fraction of what it cost just a few years ago. In fact, if you took a regular laptop from 2010 with a 27-inch screen, it would use more power to run that screen than a regular 50-inch TV today. 

We are living in a golden age of TV, monitors, and digital sign screens. It is no wonder that the interior design industry is trying to take advantage of this trend!

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