Curating Summer Vibes With My Object of Desire

Vista Alegre tableware set up

Summer brings warmer weather and new trends for interior design and fashion. Looking for inspiration this summer? Read on and curate your home and personal summer vibes with products from our curated e-boutique My Object of Desire

Furniture for Summer Vibes

Gold accents and nature designs are on-trend for summer decor this year. Freshen up your home with new products this summer.

Make an Interior Statement With an Armoire

heive armoire koket summer vibes at home

Heive Armoire

Polished Brass & Black Lacquer

This armoire shines bright with its metallic gold doors. Become the queen of your own hive with this honeycomb handle beauty. Perfect for storing your new summer looks.

Show off your Sophistication with a Nature-Inspired Side Table

enchanted side table nature inspired koket luxury home decor

Enchanted Side Table

Ebony Veneer & Aged Brass

Nature-inspired designs are perfect for incorporating the beauty of the outdoors into your home. This leafy table design freshens up any room and adds a pop of something different for this new season

Lounge in Luxury with the Caprichosa Sofa

caprichosa sofa koket luxury living summer vibes

Caprichosa Sofa

Lux Velvet & Polished Brass

This gorgeous, golden sofa pairs beautifully with the Enchanted Side Table. The jewel tones and design reminiscent of a seashell evoke calming energy in your living space.

Summer Lighting Vibes

In addition to core furniture pieces, lighting can bring an entirely new feel to a room. These lighting options will transform any space for summer.

Bring in the Beauty of Nature with this Chandelier

nymph chandelier butterflies koket luxury lighting summer vibes

Nymph Chandelier

Gold-Plated Filigree

The Nymph Chandelier continues the trend of nature designs. Paired with the Enchanted Side Table and Caprichosa Sofa, this chandelier creates a lively, fresh feel that will bring you back to nature.

Feel Inspired by the Muses with this Sconce

muse scone brass hand onyx luxury lighting

Muse Sconce

Polished Brass & White Onyx Stone

If chandeliers are not quite what you need, a stunning sconce might be the solution. This elegant sconce fits with the seashell-like appearance of the sofa, evoking the feeling of the ocean and Greek goddesses.

Home Accessories & Table Top

The finishing touch for a design refresh is the decor. Decor brings the room together and finalizes the design.

Gaze into the Sunlight with this Guilded Mirror

guilt mirror koket luxury accessories summer vibes home decor

Guilt Mirror

Hammered Brass & Gold Powder Paint

This stunning mirror lights up any room with its golden color. The gold spikes are reminiscent of the sun’s rays, making it perfect for summer decor.

Set the Table with this Nature-Inspired Pattern

Amazonia Pasta Plate vista alegre summer vibes my object of desire e-boutique

Amazonia Pasta Plate

Handpainted Porcelain

The Amazonia tableware collection continues the feel of nature for this summer’s decor inspiration. The leafy patterns fit with the Enchanted Side Table and Nymph Chandelier.

Summer Fashion Vibes

In addition to interior design, fashion can be a great way to refresh for a new season. These selections will transport you into summertime.

Finalize your Summer Wardrobe with an Elegant Clutch

evangeline purse gustoko my object of desire summer vibes


Buntal Fiber & Calf Leather

This golden clutch is perfect for pairing with an elegant cocktail dress for an evening out. The soft gold hue brings a romantic, summery vibe to any outfit.

Sail into the Summer Sunset with a Silk Scarf

feranda lemlas silk scarf summer vibes my object of desire fashion boutique online

D. Carlos

100% Silk

A scarf is a perfect accessory to add pizzazz to a summer look. The turquoise and gold colors of this design resemble the sun setting over the sea.

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