5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Home Bar for Soirée Season

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It’s summer soirée season and that home bar you’ve been dreaming of is easier than you think to bring to life! Whether it’s a basement bar, an outdoor bar, or a bar in your living or dining area, a home bar doesn’t have to be just a dream. It can be relatively easy to create a DIY bar of your own that looks fabulous and does exactly what you want it to do. Let’s take a look at 5 easy steps to create the perfect home bar for your next summer soirée, and every other bar-worthy occasion year-round!

Pick the Perfect Location

You might already have the perfect location in your home for your bar area. Or you might be wondering where on earth you will have enough room for your DIY bar. These space considerations will vary depending on the type of home bar you are aiming for.

If you are looking to create a classic full bar with a built-in bar frame and some bar stools, then this will require a decent amount of space. As a rule of thumb, most bar stools require around two feet of space each. So with a standard six-foot bar top, you will be able to fit three stools. If you opt for an eight-foot bar top, however, you will be able to fit in four stools.

koket home bar design luxury stools
Interior by KOKET

Make sure that you spend some time properly measuring out how much space you have and think about the logistics as well. Are you trying to fit your bar into a space that is going to create a logistical nightmare when trying to navigate your home? Is it a space that you are going to actively want to spend time in?

Location is also important when you think about washing up. All of those glasses and equipment are going to need washing at some point. If you are planning to build a bar and make it a wet bar then you don’t need to worry too much about where it is located. On the other hand, if you are planning on building a dry bar then the closer to the kitchen sink the better.

If you don’t have the room to create an entire bar area, you can instead inject some of the home bar feel by using a drinks trolley, drinks tray, or drinks table. These can look great and they don’t take up much space at all. You could also try a bar cabinet for a chic hidden bar look.

temptation bar cabinet by koket
Feathered Bar Cabinet by KOKET

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Time for Home Bar Styling

You’ve picked the perfect spot for your home bar. Now all you need to do is decide on how to style the area. It is definitely worth taking some time to think about what sort of style you want to aim for as it can completely alter the feel of the space.

Interior by KOKET

Do you want a traditional home bar? Maybe with a Chicago bar rail? Some soft lighting? And maybe even a chalkboard? Or perhaps you want to go for more of a tiki bar feel with wicker, bright colors, and fairy lights. Maybe you could even go for a nightclub-style home bar with LED lights and smooth bright colors and lines or an expensive-looking Royal theme. There are plenty of home bar ideas out there to make yours truly special so you can have a dig around to find the ideal style for you.


Choosing the right seating for your home bar is key. Of course, the bar stools or seats should fit in with your chosen DIY bar style. But you will also need to make sure that they are the right size to fit under and around your home bar. And you should consider whether you want them upholstered, have backs, or arms.

bar by koket
Interior by KOKET

If you’re not creating a full home bar, but are sticking with a drinks trolley, liquor cabinet, or something similar, you won’t need a bar stool that is bar height. Instead, you could find yourself some gorgeous and stylish armchairs for you to sit and relax with a drink or for serving drinks to friends.


All home bars need glassware. But what sort of glassware you need really depends on how deep down the home bar rabbit hole you are planning to go. If you are just planning on cracking open a few beer cans or bottles then you can probably get away with the minimum glasses, such as pint glasses and maybe some shot glasses and tumblers.

If, however, you are planning to get a bit more sophisticated with your DIY bar plans and really step up your soirée game, then investing in a decent set of glassware is a must. And some basic knowledge of the types of drinks you will be serving from your bar will go a long way to getting the hang of glassware.

The most common glasses you will need include:

  • Coupe/Martini Glasses
  • Highball/Collins Glasses
  • Shot Glasses
  • Champagne Flutes
  • White and Red Wine Glasses
  • Pint Glasses/Pilsner Glasses
  • Rocks Glasses – Single and Double/Old Fashioned
  • A variety of Cocktail Glasses, if you are planning to learn cocktail making
Barware by Baccarat
Barware by Baccarat

Equipment and Bottles

Again, the type of equipment you will need for your DIY home bar will depend on what your plans are. But the basic equipment can include:

  • Bar Spoons
  • Cocktail Shaker Set
  • Cocktail Strainer
  • Ice Cube Freezer Trays
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Set of Bar Measures
Barware by Jonathan Adler brass hands
Barware by Jonathan Adler

You will also need to stock your bar with alcohol. If you are planning to serve cocktails, then you should consider investing in quite a few different bottles to ensure that you can make everything you want to. Staples like Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Vermouth, and Bitters will give your bartender a solid base.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are planning to build custom or buy pre-made, thinking about the type of bar you want to create, where you want it located, and all of the things you will need to stock it will help to make the process of bar design and creating your dream bar that much easier.

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