5 Expert Wardrobe Styling Tips to Curate Your Closet

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Feeling uninspired every time you look in your closet? Get out of your “style rut” with these five tips from style expert Melody Mashilompane! The founder of Style Concierge by Melody has impeccable fashion taste that extends beyond her wardrobe; with an eye for detail, she can determine exactly what clothes will suit a person. Read on for Melody’s top 5 wardrobe styling tips to curate your perfect closet!

Unleash Your Personal Style with Melody’s Wardrobe Styling Tips

1. Identify Your Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe essentials are items you cannot go wrong with and can be styled with anything. Examples could be white t-shirts, a classic blazer, denim jeans, white sneakers (for men), basic flats (for women), and a little black dress. The key is to style with, and style around, these very basic items when you feel stuck on something to wear. 

2. Define Your Personal Style

Understanding your personality and incorporating it within your choices is the first step to defining your personal style. Ask yourself if you’re drawn to warm colours or more neutral tones, and go from there. You can also ask yourself whose outfits inspire you–whether a celebrity or a friend. What you don’t want to do is copy their style completely, but figure out how to make it your own.

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3. Know Your Shopping Mistakes

To discover the shopping mistakes you keep making, next time you sort through your wardrobe, create a No (not to keep), Maybe (not sure) and Yes (to keep) pile, and assign each of your clothes to a pile. You will find that your Yes and No pile will help you make the right decision about your Maybe pile–when reviewing your Maybe pile, ask yourself, “does this piece go with at least 5-10 other pieces in my Yes pile?” When shopping, recognize that items similar to those in the No pile should not be purchased. When investing in new apparel, always focus on quality over quantity. If you are a frequent shopper (more than 6 times a season), you should ‘detox’ your wardrobe every quarter. For less frequent shoppers, every five months should suffice. 

4. Find Your Colour Palette

For people trying to find a flattering colour palette for themselves, understanding what colours suit your skin tone can be a helpful first step. Colour swatching while shopping is one way to figure out what works and what doesn’t for you. From there, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to incorporate different colours into your wardrobe. If you would rather stick to the colours you tend to wear. If you don’t want to switch up your colour scheme, try exploring other ways to make your wardrobe come alive. 

5. Develop Your Go-to Outfit Formula 

If you’re stuck in a “style rut” and can’t think of anything to wear, an easy solution is to create a go-to outfit formula that you can turn to at any time. Colour blocking is one of the easiest go-to outfit formulas and works year-round. The colour of each article of clothing does not necessarily need to match because variation in colour stimulates your mind to build on the colours you have in front of you, which, in turn, can lead to mixing and matching. 

Meet wardrobe stylist expert Melody in her Lh exclusive interview, or visit her website!

Edited by Natalie Junio-Thompson

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