6 Swimsuit Trends To Watch

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Has it been a while since you’ve spent a day at the beach? Everyone deserves to take a break and soak up the sun. Whether you’re headed to the Black Sands beach on Hawaii island or spending five nights at a boutique resort in Tulum, Mexico, swimsuits will be your go-to clothing during your trip. You might need three or four different bathing suits paired with stylish cover-ups because that’s all you’ll wear while you unplug on vacation. Here are the six hottest swimsuit trends to watch!

1. Cutouts

Cutouts have made a massive comeback in fashion. From tank-tops to bikinis, this style is having a moment. You have a lot of choices when it comes to rocking this trend. A neon-green one-piece with geometric cutouts would look amazing while traveling on a Caribbean cruise. Even a friend’s pool party is the perfect occasion for a classic black bikini with a hip cutout. This trend is everywhere because it is so effortlessly fun and sexy for any scenario.

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2. Glitter & Sparkle 

This trend came as a surprise, but it brings so much joy that you simply can’t say no. Eye-catching and bright, bikinis and one-pieces look better when they have a little sparkle. Muted colors such as pale pink and sage green shine new when covered in luminous gold sparkle. This trend should be your go-to choice for a day at the pool that turns into an all-nighter of cocktails and moon dances. Nothing beats glitter when it comes to party attire. 

3. The Red One-Piece 

The TV show Baywatch made red one-pieces iconic, but later, they took a back seat to floral prints and string bikinis. But you don’t want to sleep on this classic because it is making the rounds again. The red one-piece is a staple in swimwear. It’s bold, sleek, and versatile. From cruising in the Greek islands to getting ice cream on Venice Beach, the red one-piece will keep you looking sexy and carefree in every situation. 

4. Athletic Wear

You might think that athletic swimwear has no place in your suitcase, but it’s had a surprising impact on fashion recently. People are starting to care less about having the perfect bikini and more about being comfortable and supported in the water. Sporty swimsuits range from practical one-pieces to long-sleeve tops and board shorts. If you’re planning to try a water sport like surfing or riding a jet ski, athletic swimsuits are a must, mainly because they offer extra UV protection. 

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5. Textures 

The most fabulous trend in the swimwear game recently is; textured pieces. Fabrics that are quilted, woven, ribbed, waffled, and crinkled are popping up everywhere. Textured bikinis and one-pieces look comfortable and chic, usually setting the tone in colors such as baby blue, lavender, satin pink, and creamy white. This is one of the best swimsuit trends to watch as it is a unique throwback.

6. Prints, Prints, Prints

While color-blocking will always be in style, swimsuits with bold and unique prints are all the rage. You won’t see many soft floral patterns or subtle geometric shapes, but you will find loud, blocky, and bold patterns featuring everything from tropical birds to neon squares. 

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In our opinion, you can never have enough swimsuits, so stock up on these five trends before you hit the beach. The best swimsuit trends to watch are timeless and never go out of style. Don’t forget to mix and match your favorite sarong or crocheted swimsuit cover-up, which can help you get extra mileage from your favorite pieces. 

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