How to Create a Moroccan Style Garden

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Moroccan style has a beautiful boho, laid-back look that can transform your garden into a stylish space you won’t want to leave. With African, Mediterranean, and Moorish influences, Morrocan design is also a clever way to ensure your garden has color all year round without relying on plants and flowers alone. These tips will help you style the perfect Moroccan-inspired garden to create a Moroccan paradise in your own backyard.

4 Keys to a Luxuriously Relaxing Moroccan Style Garden


A key feature of Moroccan design is the bright, eye-catching hues that are used in iconic Moroccan mosaic tiles. Combined with the earthy clay-based tones, these vivid colors will inject life and personality into your garden all year round. Choose terracotta shades as a base by opting for terracotta plant pots and a firepit and neutral garden furniture, and contrast these with brightly colored soft furnishings such as scatter cushions and highly decorative throws along with eye-catching flowers in bright blues, greens, and vivid pinks for that distinctive Moroccan feel.


Being able to sit in your garden as the sun sets in the evening will not only give you that holiday feeling but is also crucial to getting the most out of your newly renovated outdoor space. Sufficient outdoor lighting will allow you to use your garden any time of day or night, whether you’re entertaining after hours or just sitting outside with a mint tea. Elegant Moroccan lanterns will complete the look of your garden, and opting for solar-powered lights is a more environmentally friendly way to light your yard.

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Mimic a classic Moroccan style by using colorful tiles in areas of your garden rather than plain slabs or gravel. If you really want to feel as though you’re in Morocco, you could go all out and tile your entire patio along with your garden walkways. Or, for a more subtle touch, use tiles in one specific area to create a Moroccan courtyard feel, such as around your seating area or a gazebo.

Royal Mansour Marrakech Moroccan style garden design
Royal Mansour Marrakech

Water Features

A water feature such as a fountain, pond, or waterfall adds elegance and style to any garden. Also, it borrows from the Moroccan idea of a garden of paradise with flowing water. Water is often a central feature in many authentic Moroccan gardens and has a range of benefits beyond just looking good. The sounds of water can be relaxing and help you de-stress and unwind after a tough day. They can also block out other unwanted sounds from traffic or neighbors, helping you to maintain a tranquil atmosphere even in a busy neighborhood. Water features such as ponds and fountains can also attract more wildlife to your garden, such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies, making your Moroccan-inspired garden a more biodiverse space and interesting place to spend time.

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