10 Unexpected Wallpaper Designs to Love

Wallcoverings are so popular across the globe because they can give your living space everything from a classic feel to an amped-up look with unexpected wallpaper designs. Their placement is not governed by hard and fast rules. You can use them not only for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom but also for offices or other places of your choice. 

Many people are very strict about purchasing things only according to what they have sketched in their minds. For those people, it’s difficult to get their desired wallpaper after visiting a single shop. What if we say you can get customized color wallpaper easily? Certainly, it would be a relaxing statement for you. Design wallpaper available online can breathe new life into your dream living place. You can choose your personalized wallpaper from a huge variety of top-notch themes like botanical, tropical, geometric, classical, or stripped. Moreover, a creative, animated, and soft collection of wallpapers is available for kids. Get an adorable interior design with your order.

To save you time, we have gathered 10 top unexpected wallpaper designs sure to impress you. Check them out!

1. Mod Herons

Wallpaper with the lovely Mod Herons design is very trendy these days due to the damage-free peel-and-stick material. You can choose your favorite color for the background, beaks, eyes, feathers, legs, shadows, and herons, as well as that of the texture. The texture could be smooth or woven as per your imagination.

2. Japanese Kerria 

If you are looking for wallpaper accent wall ideas for your living room? A floral design with Japanese Kerria can add a royal touch to your living room. These elegantly designed wallpapers are equally appropriate for use on the ceiling. 

Japanese Kerria Wallpaper
Japanese Kerria Wallpaper

3. Fall Blooms  

Using botanical patterns like Fall Blooms to decorate the walls or ceilings of your desired place is always in style. Changing the colors of any specific item will give your wallpaper a whole new look. 

Euphoria Screen by Koket

4. Vintage Floral Pattern 

You can give your house a beautiful garden look with the multicolored Vintage Flora. Bold flowers with a pastel background also attract your guests and visitors. 

5. Ocean Sunset 

The Ocean Sunset pattern is one of the prettiest unexpected wallpaper designs available so far. The tones of the three colors fade into one another, creating a chic look. There is no other method that can show your inner soul as effectively as it can.

Ocean Sunset Wallpaper
Ocean Sunset Wallpaper

6. Modern Palm 

Those who love nature will enjoy the modern palm design from the tropical collection. After a long day, walking into the palm-designed living room would certainly be a soothing experience. 

7. Flower Power 

Whether you want to enhance the beauty of your living space or to hide scars behind, removable wallpaper flowers with plane backgrounds will suffice.

8. Waving Lines

The superior waving line pattern for wallpaper is also quite unexpected. The stripped designs never get old and are equally suitable for office walls or ceilings to give a sophisticated appearance.

Waving Lines Wallpaper
Waving Lines Wallpaper

9. Diamond Stripes 

Another very famous peel-and-stick wallpaper pattern is Diamond Stripes. The use of 3 colored strips makes this design remarkable. One interesting thing about strip-patterned wallpapers is that you can use them either horizontally or vertically.

10. Twisting Waves

To elevate your space, you can enhance it with wallpaper featuring rotating scales twisting with each other in variable shades and tints. Personalize this unexpected wallpaper design by changing any of the colors to your own choice.

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