In the Face of Single Parenthood

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It may seem unnecessary to define, but to be clear—a single parent is an individual that is unmarried, divorced or widowed with a child or children. Often, single parents are solely responsible for the upbringing of their children. Unfortunately, some societies stigmatize single parenthood, which makes it seem unappealing to many.

Single parents face many challenges. Some single-parent families may not be financially stable enough to support their children and, for that reason, might have a harder time than in households with more than one caregiver or parental figure. In addition, the financial burden on single parents can cause stress and anxiety. These challenges make them feel guilty about not providing enough for their children.

Also, it is not easy for single parents to strike a balance between work and parenting. Combining professional work, household work, and other aspects of life is difficult. Some single parents work full-time to provide for their children, leading to little or no time for leisure.

Although parenting is difficult enough on its own, single parenthood is even more so. The difficulty is that the responsibility meant for two people is now solely for one parent. Read the full article for some single-parent solidarity!

Single Doesn’t Mean Alone

Being a single parent does not mean an individual should go through parenthood alone. Going through parenthood alone is hard. Single parents often have to bear the burden of making decisions for the family alone. All these make parenting stressful.

Single parents should ask for help when they need it. Asking for help relieves the individual of the burden of single parenting. Below are some of the ways to seek help:

Ask Family and Friends

Asking for help from family and friends can reduce the stress of single parenting. Family and friends will always provide help and support while the parent works or when the need arises.

Join a Support Group

The support group is a place where single parents interact with one another and share their experiences. These groups enable single parents to ask questions and get answers about the challenges they are facing. Although professionals do not coordinate these groups, they render help to single parents when needed.

Contact a Counselor

Being a single parent can be mentally draining due to the stress that comes with it. Seeking a counselor’s help will help reduce the stress and anxiety that an individual is experiencing. In addition, the professional advises the parents on how to cope with finances, health, and other challenges they might face. Single parents have a high risk of experiencing depression; therefore, professional help is vital for good health.

Tips for Flying Solo

Being a newly single parent means adjusting to a life pattern an individual is not familiar with. Adjusting to the new status sometimes is difficult. However, some tips can help an individual along the way, making parenthood less stressful. Some of the tips are:

Prioritize the Health of the Children

Good health is essential. Children need a healthy environment to grow well. It is easy for single mothers to neglect their children’s health because of their tight schedules. Prioritize the children’s health to prevent diseases.

Ensure the children have a balanced diet for good health and adequate development. There should also be adequate protection for major organs such as the eyes and the skin to prevent defects. For example, get glasses for kids who suffer from eye defects to correct visibility concerns.

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Ask For Help

As explained above, deliberately seek help from people. Seeking help will make adjusting to the new status less difficult. Let family and friends know how they can help and how they can go about it. Allocate specific tasks to people willing to take them up and appreciate them when needed.

Plan Your Schedule

Single parenthood is tasking. Therefore, plan your schedule well to accommodate the important activities. A well-planned schedule reduces the stress involved, making the parenting journey easier. Schedule quality time for the kids so that both parties can bond well.

In addition, the inclusion of the other biological parent goes a long way in reducing the stress of single parenthood. Despite not being together, the other parent can still provide support, no matter how little. Finally, including the other parent can help relieve some financial burdens and reach specific goals.

Redefine Your Family the Right Way

A single-parent family has a parent as the head. Being a single parent can result from many situations, such as divorce and the spouse’s death. Single parents face many challenges that can linger for a long time without help.

Over the years, the way society views single parenthood is changing. Therefore, the stigmatization that society associates with status are gradually reducing. Adjusting to the new status can be difficult. However, seeking help from family and professionals can make the journey easier.

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