Halloween Décor Tips

halloween decor tips koket luxury furniture

It’s spooky season! Get your pumpkins ready and read on for Halloween decor tips and ideas to love!

This season is all about warm colors and taking risks. We’re transforming our houses into spooky, apothecary-inspired dens, complete with creepy skulls and webs.

Scroll on for details on the best ways to bring the festivities into your home, from your living room and dining room to your entrance.

The Living Room

First and foremost, yes, you don’t need to worry about cleaning any cobwebs this month. Feel free to use most of them, but storebought also works well, of course.

halloween décor tips spooky chandelier design
Photo by @heftiba

You can go a long way with small details; having objects like small witches or scarecrows give off a good spooky vibe around the house. If you want to go for the apothecary-inspired room, use your spice rack and change the names to “bone dust” or “tears of enemies”, for example. Be imaginative here; you will not fail.

halloween decor tips jars
Photo by @mbriney

Are you a book lover? You can put a sticker on the name of your books, turning them into their spookier version. Other than that, you can also use darker interiors to create a scarier ambiance around the house. Looking for some more permanent spooky features, check out KOKET’s Serpentine-themed mirrors and lighting to bring a little bit of the “original sin” into your living room this season and year-round.

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Halloween Dining Room Décor

Nothing says “Halloween on a table” more than a cheeseboard loaded up with this season’s most delicious food. Don’t forget the chestnuts on this version of the classic charcuterie board.

dining table decor fall cheese plate Photo by @brookelark

Be prepared to have plenty of candles on hand, and use up old glass containers for this to prevent a fire hazard. Other than safety, you can also focus on a good centerpiece. See some ideas below.

dinner table
halloween centrepiece

Festive Entrance Décor

Last but not least, the entrance: remember, first impressions count!

Even if pumpkins are the safe choice for this holiday, you can always use them differently by going for contrasting sizes and painting some of your harvested pumpkins black, white, or gold. If you’re tired of fallen and crusted leaves and sticks, try making your own door ring from feathers. Use this opportunity to go for more bright colors.

Moreover, we know Halloween can be dark, but twinkling lights and small candles are perfect for showing the cozy side of your house. Everyone will be dying to get in!

And don’t forget to get the dog in the holiday spirit too!

halloween décor dog
Photo by @karsten116

For more spooky Halloween holiday decor tips and ideas, check out our Halloween boards on Pinterest!

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