5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Joyful

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Happiness is a state of mind. The more you chase after it, the more it eludes you. However, there are ways you can achieve it without necessarily chasing after it. One way is to do little things in your home to make it “spark joy”, so to speak. These things may sounds silly and common sense at first, but really think about them as they are surely things that will help create a more joyful home!

1. Make Your Bed & Clean Your Room

As an adult seeking happiness, little things like making your bed first thing in the morning and cleaning your room can do a whole lot of good for your mood when push comes to shove. It’s true, you don’t need to seek happiness and joy since you can find them available in simple things.

You can also up the joyful factor in your home further by placing pet portraits or sea pictures on the walls. You can design and decorate your bedroom in any way you wish. There’s no accounting for taste, after all. Have your room reflect your personality.

2. Don’t Let Your Dishes or Garbage Pile Up

A pile of undone dishes can serve as a source of unhappiness in any home. It gets worse if you aren’t able to clear out the leftover food immediately. Get rid of this sight that causes sore eyes and stress by doing the dishes almost immediately after you’ve eaten. A full sink of dishes from the entire family for the whole day can take more than an hour to clean if you don’t clean them immediately.

3. Fix Up Your Home & Appliances

Hire a commercial roofer to ensure that once the rainy season comes, you won’t end up with a leaky ceiling or musty attic. Get a cat door to let any outdoor cats you might have in to eat up all the rats in your home. Invest in weatherproofing to keep your house as insulated and hot as possible. 

Have a checklist of things to replace or fix, like broken electric fans or an oven door that isn’t working. Save up for them to have them repaired or to buy a new appliance in their place. Don’t forget to maintain your cars by starting them if they’re not in use.

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4. Keep Surfaces in Order & Free of Clutter

It can be quite stressful to have too much clutter in your home, as though you’ve become one of those infamous hoarders. The home should be your castle as well as your temple of peace. It’s a place you retreat to re-energize yourself and to be with your beloved family and friends.

It should not be a source of stress. One way to keep it from being such is to de-clutter it. Always put back anything you’ve taken out from whence they came. Always put away dishes, sewing kits, tool boxes, and art materials after use to keep the peace. 

5. Create a Wall of Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Last but not least, make a wall of gratitude and thanksgiving. Having a wall that reminds you what to be thankful for when it comes to your life will ensure you’ll remain levelheaded and keep everything in perspective. 

It can be an art project using a whiteboard, or it can be an app on your phone or computer. It can even be a simple text file in Notepad. Just take note of the things you’re grateful for, like being born in a first-world country or having food to eat on the table, as well as a roof over your head.

More Points to Ponder

Certain little things you do in your abode can ruin your mood and lower your satisfaction with life. By straightening up these little things with a joyful home front, you’ll be more prepared to face the challenges of life. To be able to do so, in a sense, leads you to happiness.

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