7 Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

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When shopping for new furniture, it’s tempting to purchase a cheaply made couch or bedroom set to save money. Sure, it looks nice right now, but how long does veneered particle board hold up? Seeing the higher price of solid wood furnishings can make you wince, but you’re investing in a product that has the potential to last generations. Still trying to convince that wooden furniture is worth the cost? Read on for some of the key benefits of solid wood furniture:

It’s Customizable

Without a doubt, wood is a truly unique material. Each piece is unique because of the difference in grain patterns. This means that even if a dining table you buy is mass-produced, other customers will have a different look. 

You also have to consider that wooden furniture has a level of customizability that particle board and generic veneer pieces do not. Cheap furniture churns out of manufacturing plants that can’t offer specially-ordered scroll work or hardware, unlike companies that make custom Amish furniture in Houston, TX. Even wood furniture produced on a larger scale is unique and one of a kind. Solid wood furniture adds character and unique style to every home.

Outstanding Durability

One of the most durable materials for furniture is solid wood. It endures for centuries if taken care of, and furnishings made from it are often passed down as heirlooms for generations. Even when the surface suffers damage, a craftsman can usually repair and restore it to new condition. Unlike particle board and plastic-based furnishings, those made of wood handle jostling while in transport much better. 

Eternal Elegance

Because wooden furniture is customizable and durable, it has a timelessness about it that no other material can match. Even when style trends change, many seek solid wood furnishings because they have functionality that other designer options can’t compete with. Since the first chairs and other furniture making began, wood has been the most relied upon for thousands of years.

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Worry-free Maintenance

Another reason to purchase solid wood furniture is how easy its maintenance is. A quick wipe-down with a polishing cloth can remove dust and debris, and if your piece looks dull, you can add a shine with recommended oil or wax. While it’s true you can’t use everyday household cleaner on its surface; this is a minor change to your normal cleaning routine.

Wood is a Sustainable Resource

If you have a green thumb and care about minimizing your carbon footprint worldwide, buying wooden furniture is a sustainable practice. Unlike plastics that contribute to air pollution and are often mass-produced, lending to their lack of value and durability, wood-based furnishings have less of an impact and last generations.

When you purchase an oak dining table instead of a cheaper veneer and particle board option, you will only need to replace it for at least a decade or longer, short of a tornado or fire damaging it beyond repair. In addition, making a one-time purchase of a rocking chair compared to buying multiple cheaply made versions throughout your lifetime demonstrates how wooden furniture is more sustainable.

Has a Built-in Wow Factor

Undoubtedly, wood furniture is impressive, and your friends and family will take note. However, creating a maple dining table or cherry bedroom set takes true craftsmanship. From the quality of the wood to the accented features such as scrollwork or bed posts, everyone recognizes the hard work and skill that went into creating such a beautiful piece of artistry.

Wooden furnishings are household staples and conversation pieces that share your experiences and stories. Those who own high-end furniture are showing their style and appreciation of beauty and investment made into their living space.

Wood Furniture Compliments Every Style

While shopping for new furniture, you might notice that wood furnishings always enhance a room’s theme, no matter the style or color scheme. This is because adding nature into any space, even as just an accent piece, easily matches the design of any decor. 

Even if you completely change hues, your pine rocking chair can be restored to match. This flexibility and customizability make solid wood furnishings a must as part of your overall design plans. 

The Takeaway

The benefits of purchasing solid wood furniture are about more than just style and character; it’s an investment in a quality product that requires minimal maintenance and blends well with every room theme you create. 

Further than its built-in compatibility, choosing wooden furnishings like custom-made cabinetry for your kitchen or a dining set is a smart option for owning heirlooms to pass down your family line in the future. These pieces will see many years of use, including memorable moments with your loved ones that they will reflect on later in life with great fondness.

Words by Sofia Silva

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