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According to Google Trends, searches for “unboxing” began at the end of 2006. Earlier unboxing videos featured fashion items or popular gadgets such as smartphones or iPods. Today, influencers often focus on luxury brands, whether it’s perfume, clothing, or makeup. 

If you’re in search of designer brands, then there are some YouTube channels that are definitely worth following. These influencers provide honest opinions on items you may want to buy so you can make better purchasing decisions.

That said, here are some of the top influencers to follow if you’re looking to watch videos on unboxing luxury brands.

6 Popular Influencers to Follow for Luxury Brand Unboxing

A Heated Mess

Cindy is the face behind this fun YouTube channel. She’s also one of the most relatable luxury brand influencers out there. You’ll love her presence as she unboxes items from brands like Dior and Chanel. Since it’s the festive season, her theme this month is unboxing designer advent calendars. 

Brands like The Body Shop and Voluspa Japonica make the most interesting advent calendars filled with fragrances and skin care products. Cindy’s videos are extremely detailed, so if you’re looking to buy a gift for a loved one, you’ll find plenty of information on products thanks to Cindy’s reviews. 

You can also use A Heated Mess as an inspiration to start your own YouTube channel. Use stock photos to create thumbnails or even intros to your videos.

Sophie Louise

Sophie Louise is another famous YouTuber that specializes in unboxing luxury brands. She’s soft-spoken, which makes listening to her reviews calm and relaxing. This channel has over 626,000 subscribers, so you know that her opinions on products are legitimate. 

Her theme at the moment is also unboxing advent calendars from luxury makeup brands like MAC. She also has other quirky videos testing gadgets that she got from Amazon. For more interesting content, Sophie also does videos on mystery boxes. 

For the brides-to-be out there, you may want to watch Sophie’s video about unique wedding dresses that she’s tried on. Some dresses have LED lights sewn inside, which look stunning in low-lit environments. 

Jaime Xie

Jaime Xie is a vlogger that shows you what the day in the life of an influencer looks like. On the other hand, she also does interesting unboxing videos. Her focus is doing a massive haul of luxury items and then unboxing all of them. One of her recent videos was from Paris Couture week, where she reviewed top fashion outfits for the season. 

She doesn’t post as often as other channels do, but her videos are fun to watch. All her videos are between 13 minutes and 28 minutes long, and she does in-depth reviews of all the items she unpacks. An interesting video to look at is her massive designer unboxing haul, where she unpacked items from brands like Prada, Versace, and Chanel. 

Addicata Mirror by Koket

Erica’s Girly World

Erica has a unique channel where she gives you advice on the best luxury items to buy your loved ones. Her recent video reviews fragrances and fashion items from Loui Vuitton and Tiffany’s. For those who want to start dressing more classy, Erica’s Girly World offers videos on the best sophisticated accessories and clothes to complete your look. 

She also does a bit of vlogging, where she shows you the ideal places to shop for your luxury items. She’s shopped for items in top-notch stores located in Miami. Erica has a bubbly personality, so her videos are always entertaining to watch. She has over 70,000 subscribers and posts videos on her channel every month. 

Mel in Melbourne 

Mel is a YouTuber focusing on expensive brands, lifestyle vlogging, and traveling. Her videos mostly consist of unboxing items from designer brands and talking about the latest fashion trends. She also gets invited to special designer events. 

Furthermore, Mel in Melbourne loves covering stories about sales of luxury items from popular brands such as Marc Jacobs and Valentino. She also gives you advice on how not to get ripped off when there’s a sale on designer clothes, bags, and fragrances. Mel has over 300,000 subscribers, and she posts videos every week. 

Vir-Suh Good

Do you want to know how to spot fake designer bags or fashion items? Then you should follow Vir-Suh Good on YouTube. The channel is hosted by Virinda and Suhas, who paired their names to create a unique handle for their channel. 

The married couple’s videos mostly consist of vlogging about their life, but they’ve also done interesting unboxing videos. Their most popular videos are Fake vs. Real LV (Loui Vuitton) and Real vs. Fake Gucci. These two videos may help you save money on counterfeit products. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to research products before you buy them so you don’t waste thousands of dollars on expensive brands, then watching unboxing videos is crucial. Consider watching videos from these popular influencers so you’re not disappointed in the products you buy. You’ll also learn much about the designers you’re buying from.

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