Inspired by Carnaval Fashion Style in Interior Design

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It’s Carnaval time! February 21st marks the beginning of Catholic Lent, and with it comes a colorful, frill-filled, joyous celebration filled with great indulgences. From dancing and live music to world-class parades and colorful costumes, Carnaval is big, bright, and lively for Western Christians, especially in Brazil, where Carnaval is the country’s most popular holiday.

We love the vibrant revelry of the fashion and decor of this holiday, so feeling inspired, we rounded up these Carnaval-inspired colorful, feathered, and bejeweled interior design styles!

Carnaval Interior Design Styles We Love

A Parade of Carnaval Colors for Your Upholstery

Neutrals are often the go-to for upholstered seating, a well-warranted top pick, of course. However, the colors of Canaval have us thinking in rainbow!

Bejeweled Inspiration from Seating to Casegoods & Lighting!

Blinging jewels in a rainbow of jewel tones meet feathers colored beautifully to match. Our rainbow thoughts rein on, along with our love of the oh-so-many brilliant jewels glistening.


Our love for feathers runs deeps making Carnaval costumes always a favorite. When it comes to feathers inside, the color palette tends to be a little more toned down and natural. However, I certainly would love to see a brilliant teal-blue feathered wall!

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Ruffles & Flowers Radiate Joy

While the more traditional dresses worn below are definitively different from the spicy looks above, the ruffles and flowers radiate Carnaval jubilee.

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