11 Thoughts Every Bride Has When Getting Married

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If you’ve said Yes to a recent marriage proposal, chances are that you are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. We’re here to tell you these are normal bride thoughts. In fact, you can expect this to be a regular occurrence the entire time leading up to the big day, and that’s when it will come to a head.

You’re likely to experience every single emotion imaginable on your wedding day. Again, it’s normal. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. Stress and negative emotions are surefire ways to put a damper on the day. The easiest way to avoid this is planning and preparation. Looking into it (as you’re doing right now) is a great first step. Follow this scenario-specific advice to learn what else is needed.

Where do I even start?

Most negative bride thoughts stem from doubt. You will wonder if you overlooked anything. You’ll question if you allocated your budget properly. You may even convince yourself that you aren’t ready.

A simple remedy to all doubts of this kind is to plan ahead. To make this as simple as possible, do yourself a favor and sign up for a bride box subscription. The first reason why a bride subscription box is a great idea is because it helps you plan. Retailers like MissToMrs pack their boxes with to-do lists, checklists, and how-to guides for every scenario you’ll encounter.

Photo by Toronto Wedding Photographer Liza Litvinovich
Bride box photo by Toronto Wedding Photographer Liza Litvinovich

The second reason why bridal box subscriptions will help you with this problem is that they make the wedding planning process fun! The other items found in a monthly miss to mrs bridal box are designed to help you celebrate and flaunt your Engaged status.

It’s tough to make a mistake when you follow the process. And when you’re having fun, you’ll make better decisions. It’s as simple as that.

Where did the time go?

Every bride spends a significant amount of time planning for the wedding. Your pre-wedding thoughts will hit you all at once. The months will seem like a blur, and you may panic a little. If you followed our first recommendation, you’ll be completely ready. If not, you are surrounded by friends and family who will help you with any emergency. Just breathe and roll with the punches.

I need my squad, right now!

Your support team loves you, and they love being there for you. However, it’s a little too easy to abuse this fact. Have an upfront conversation with them early in the planning process. So establish some ground rules so that you don’t overstep your boundaries. It’s also wise to have clearly defined roles and tasks so that your squad can do their thing without you having to monitor.

Is he the right guy?

“Until death do us part” is arguably the biggest commitment you’ll ever make. Not only is it natural to question your judgment, but it’s also wise. You already know in your heart that he’s the one. Take this opportunity to reflect on all of the reasons you love him and how bright your future is. This will settle your nerves.

Everyone better be bending over backwards to make this a perfect day

You put so much time into planning every single detail and you want others to respect that. It’s a normal sentiment, but it’s definitely not what to do before getting married. Coordinating your team is efficient, but unleashing Bridezilla and alienating the family members and friends will almost certainly dilute their ability to be there for you. Be kind.

Everything’s not perfect

Even the most precise wedding planning can be confronted with surprises. Sometimes people sit in the wrong seat. Sometimes the flowers aren’t as fresh as you expected. Whatever the issue, you have two choices. You can get angry and fixate on having it corrected. Or, you can let it go. The only truly important things are you and the groom.

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Why can’t I look this good every day?

You are bound to be hyper-focused on how you look on your wedding day. Many brides face the dichotomy of looking the best they ever have and feeling as if they could have done better. Take solace in the fact that absolutely no one agrees with that second bride’s thought. You are beautiful. Full stop.

Maybe just a quick peek

Another natural bride thought is showing off your gown early. Maybe you can break the rules and sneak a quick look. Maybe you can bypass the rules and send him a cute selfie. The thing is, many traditions are optional these days. Have a discussion with your groom and agree on some rules of engagement. However, if you commit to tradition, it’s proper to avoid this temptation.

I think I need a drink.

Nobody is stopping you from having a drink or maybe even a few. Just be aware that each drink will result in more trips to the bathroom, higher stress levels, more difficulties speaking, and more trouble maintaining focus. It’s a common bride thought to think that alcohol will ease your nerves, but it’s more likely to cause problems than to fix them.

It’s time. I forget everything!

With your brain all over the place, it’s fairly common to blank out when it comes time to shine. So common, in fact, that we’ve witnessed a bride so flustered that she forgot her own name when delivering her vows. The easiest way to deal with this issue is to practice until everything becomes second nature. Failing that, the second easiest way is to realize that no one cares. There is plenty of guidance to get you back on track, and any mistake will be received as endearing.

OMG, I’m a wife!

The formality of your wedding day has a special way of making things feel ‘real’ all at once. You will probably question what it means. Do you have to change? Are there new expectations?

Your new husband fell in love with you for who you are. He doesn’t want you to change, and if you do, it will be together.

About the Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning. Her other passions are yoga, photography, and reading.

Feature Image: Photo by Chalo Garcia | Unsplash

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