Top Features to Look for In a Snow Jacket

If you love to go snowboarding or skiing, then you have to make sure that you carry the proper equipment and wear the right garments.

After all, these adventure sports are done in harsh environments, and not wearing a snow jacket would be a big mistake. The global snow jacket market is estimated to reach about $359.78 billion by 2025, which will probably give you a rough idea of how many types of snow jackets there are!

Well, if you’re confused about which features to look for, this article here will help you. Read on for the top features we always try to look for when shopping for a snow jacket.

1. Insulation

Whenever anyone talks of snow jackets, insulation should be the first thing on your mind. No matter how cold the weather is or where you go, a well-insulated jacket will help you to stay warm and cozy.

Most snow jackets have a down or synthetic fill for insulation, whereas people prefer down insulation. It’s known to be warmer and more lightweight than the synthetic fill, having a fill power of 400-800. The more the fill power, the warmer you’ll be.

However, ensure not to get your down-insulated jacket wet because it will lose its ability to retain warmth.

2. Breathable Fabric

Next up, you must check how breathable and waterproof the fabric is, especially if you plan to do sports while wearing it. Ideally, you need a fabric that keeps the snow and the rain out and makes you feel comfortable.

Gore-tex fabrics are known to be the best because they are sandwiched between the jacket’s inner and outer layers.

Moreover, Gore-tex has about 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter, which makes it ideal for air to pass in and out! For waterproof fabrics, check out those that are within the 16,000-20,000 mm range.

3. High Collar

Any durable snow jacket will come with a high collar to protect you from the chill, especially if you’re traveling to a windy place. High-collar snow jackets can be pulled up to your chin to prevent your face from high-velocity winds and even snow.

Of course, you can also go for a neoprene mask to cover more of your face, but ideally, a snow jacket should come with a good high collar.

If the snow jacket you’ve chosen already has a hood, make sure drawstrings are available. These strings will keep the collar stay in place and not let it flutter around.

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4. Three-in-one Jackets

Nowadays, you might find another popular variety of snow jackets, three-in-one. It’s named this way because you can wear the jacket in three different ways.

This means you can wear only the outer layer alone or the middle insulated layer or combine them for ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

These three-in-one jackets are designed in a way to work together as a system. For example, you can pair the two layers and zip them together.

However, many of these snow jackets aren’t of the best quality, so make sure you check carefully before purchasing one.

5. Extra-long Sleeves

If the sleeves are extra long, right up to your knuckles, you can brush off any stray snowflakes.

There are also special jackets that come with a thumb slit. Here, the inner cuffs stretch right up to your thumb, and there’s a slit through which you can put your thumb right in.

Not only does the second variety prevent the sleeves from rolling up, but they also help you to move your fingers.

6. Pockets

No matter how many pockets are already there in your snow jacket, there simply can’t be enough. You’ll need at least four or five pockets in different areas of the jacket.

For example, an outer zipped pocket should keep your passport and other tickets safe. On the inside, you should have separate pockets to keep your phone or power bank.

Ensure the phone pockets are waterproof because even the slightest moisture can ruin all electronic gadgets. Lastly, you can have small pockets to keep munchies or your glasses.

Over to you…

Depending on the kind of activity you’ll do in the snow, you should buy the jacket accordingly. However, a basic snow jacket should still have the above-mentioned features to ensure both comfort and versatility. We hope this list of features to look for when hunting for the perfect snow jacket helps you succeed!

Feature Image: Photo by Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

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