Tips for Safe Travel in Dubai for Your Next Getaway

The United Arab Emirates is home to one of the most celebrated spaces in the world: Dubai. It is no wonder that so many people visit this luxury location, and if you are planning on traveling there, it is useful to have some tips before your arrival, like when to go and where to see. This guide has all the answers you need. 

Traveling Requirements

The UAE has strict rules for travelers and their legal documents. These careful security policies certainly apply to Dubai, and there is a strong possibility that you will need a visa if you want to enter the country. You can read more about what you will need and how to apply online; try to tick it off your to-do list a month or so before you are due to set off. 

Are There Any Times to Avoid?

The answer to this question entirely depends upon how well you cope with heat. The summers in Dubai can reach temperatures of 45 degrees on the hottest days, and the cooler days are not much better. There is not much that you can do in this kind of heat, so if you want the most out of your experience, it is better to travel during the colder seasons. There will still be plenty of sunshine, but it won’t prohibit what you can do when you’re there. 

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Remember: There are Significant Cultural Differences

When traveling to Dubai, it’s important to know that it is part of a conservative nation with rules and expectations about certain things. For instance, displaying affection in public is punishable in certain parts and highly advised against. You must also respect local laws about suitable attire, which means covering up, especially in holy places. 

Be Vigilant

Despite Dubai being arguably one of the safer locations in the world, there is still crime. It is always recommended that you keep your important documentation like passports and spare cash locked away in a safe so that it is protected, and you are too. This city is well known for its cleanliness, and everything you see will be upheld to a high standard of hygiene, so that means you have to be mindful and play ball too. 

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Try Avoid Renting a Car

The city is better for tourists travelling in official taxis. If you can avoid hiring a car, you should. There is a slow public transport system, and that is why taxis come out on top as the preferred way of traveling about in Dubai. Respect the rules of the cab, and always pay your fare in local currency to avoid any awkward situations. You will find the local taxi drivers to be knowledgeable, fair, and more than willing to strike up a conversation if you are pleasant in return. Bear in mind the traffic can be slow, so it might also be worth exploring safe walking routes if your destination is not too far away. 

Dubai is a popular spot for tourists looking to find a little luxury on their stay away from home. There is plenty of shopping, culture, and fine dining to be found, but you must be mindful of the cultural expectations too.

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