Romantic Couples Getaway to the Ionian Islands

Romantic Couples Getaway to the Ionian Islands

Looking for romantic solitude? Couples today often do not get enough time together where they can sit back, relax and focus on their relationship. Going on a romantic holiday is a great idea to rejuvenate one’s mind, soul and relationship. When you are thinking of romantic getaways you need to look for destinations that would provide you with the right kind of seclusion, privacy, fun and adventure. Greece has remained one of the top choices for couples who want to break free from their hectic schedule and lifestyle and find tranquillity and peace.

Spending days on the Ionian Islands can provide you with the right romantic holiday experiences. Hence, you need to focus on how you can choose the right islands that can help you make the most of your time and resources. The quality of accommodations can make a difference. Hence, you must focus on planning quality Ionian & Aegean villa holidays that would allow you to enjoy your romantic Greece holidays in style, comfort and convenience.


If you are looking for a romantic couples getaway to the Ionian Islands you would want to book your accommodation in Zakynthos. Also known as Zante, this island is picture-perfect for couples who want to get away from the chaos of the urban world. With pristine sandy beaches and spectacular panoramic landscapes, Zakynthos offers the right kind of romantic solitude you would want. 

If your idea of a romantic holiday in Greece is to be on the beach you can do that when in Zakynthos. While the Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) is the most popular of all on the island you can also explore other beaches. If you want to stay away from the crowd you can head to Agios Nikolaos Beach, Porto Zoro Beach, Laganas Beach and even Tsilvi Beach. 

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If you and your partner are food lovers you can find excellent restaurants, tavernas and cafes here that would take you on a culinary ride. This island also has excellent and vibrant nightlife which is perfect for couples who do not want to settle in bed early. With a variety of modest and luxury accommodations couples can find hotels, resorts and villas of their preferences and budget. 


Corfu remains one of the most visited Ionian Islands and is known for its rich culture and history. If you are looking for a picturesque island that would offer you beautiful pictures that you can post on your social media you should choose Corfu. If you and your partner love to walk around you can walk the Old Town which has Venetian-style architecture. This will instantly transport you back in time and make you feel good. 

The coastline is dotted with quaint fishing villages that have whitewashed walls and decorated with flowers. While you are in Corfu you can discover secluded coves and pristine beaches that offer you the privacy you need. You can head to some of the best beaches in Corfu where you can put up your feet and relax. 

Corfu is also known for its award-winning restaurants and cafes. Hence, you can get your hands on some of the best-tasting authentic Greek cuisine. You can enjoy meals in Corfu overlooking the Ionian Sea and enjoying the panoramic views the island has to offer. Apart from unwinding and enjoying the meals, Corfu is also ideal for couples looking for some adventure and activities like hiking, snorkelling and diving. 

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Located just below Corfu on the map, Paxos is a beautiful Ionian Island that would provide romantic couples with a holiday of their lifetime. This tiny island is perfect for those who want an escape from the world. If you are looking for a secluded quiet place on the planet, Paxos is the place to be. While the island is tiny and isolated, you can reach it quickly with an easy ferry hop from Corfu. Here you can find accommodations that match the kind of relaxed vibes the island has to offer. 

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Like any other Ionian Island, Paxos also has beaches surrounded by cliffs that can add to your romantic holiday experiences. Erimitis Beach is one of the popular ones that you can visit after a short hike. Romance is incomplete without a spectacular sunset moment and thanks to its western location, Paxos sunset is something you should not miss. 

Paxos is also perfect for couples who want to go out on a private adventure looking out for caves and small pebbled beaches and coves. You can also head to Antipaxos for its almost empty beaches. These beaches are perfect for those quality moments you want to spend with your partner. You can also visit, explore and shop at tiny fishing villages that sell local products.


If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is one of the islands you should add to your list. This island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. This means that you can rent a car in Athens and use that to explore Lefkada. Here you can also find accommodations with private parking and this makes the entire holiday experience easy and convenient. 

Lefkada has a lot of history and therefore you can find many historic sites here which you can explore at your pace. Castle of Agia Mavra and Panagia Faneromeni are some of the local attractions you can explore together. Lefkada also has some of the best beaches in Greece, which include Porto Katsiki Beach, Milos Beach, Gialos Beach, and Agiogili Beach. If you and your partner are looking for adventure you can head to Vasiliki Beach for windsurfing and other activities. However, if you just want to relax and enjoy the sunset hours you can visit Kathisma Beach for a lovely sunset experience.


If you are a beach enthusiast there is no better place than Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea. This island is known for its spectacular beaches. When you are visiting this island you need to have a good beach holiday packing list that would allow you to make the most of the time you will spend on the island. Myrtos Beach and Antisamos Beach are quite popular beaches that you should not miss. With turquoise blue waters and white sand, these beaches are perfect for a romantic couple getaway experience. 

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Apart from beaches, Kefalonia is also known for its tiny fishing villages where you can explore Venetian-style architecture and homes. You can walk through beautiful pastel-coloured homes, towns and villages that transport you instantly into a dreamy world. The towns of Fiskardo and Assos are two towns you should not miss. 

If you are looking for adventure, Kefalonia can provide you with plenty of locations for hiking, snorkelling and diving. This is also the only Ionian Island that has a national park. If you are interested in hiking you can climb Mount Anios. Kefalonia also has excellent restaurants, cafes and vibrant nightlife which makes it a must-visit island for a romantic holiday in Greece.

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