How to Create a Luxurious Dining Room

Luxurious Dining Room by Ramzy Alaa

A place to spend time with loved ones while enjoying meals and good conversation, the dining room is a central social space in the home. So making your dining room as luxurious and inviting as possible is a wonderful way to even further enjoy this space. If you are thinking about transforming your basic dining room into a luxurious dining room, here are some tips to help you make it happen!

Step 1 for Creating a Luxurious Dining Room: Repaint the Walls or Find a Fabulous Wallpaper

Repainting or wallpapering should be the first step in your dining room transformation project. Before you continue decorating and furnishing finish your walls. It shouldn’t take too long if your painting. And you can probably do it on your own with the help of a couple of friends who know how to use a brush. But make sure you’ve picked the right wall color first. If you opt for a wallpaper you will need a professional to install it as this is not the easiest task!

a luxurious dining room by Carrie Livingston Interior Design
Dining Room Design by Carrie Livingston

Gray, white, and beige are very appealing and luxurious color choices. There are lots of shades to choose from so consider your décor, style and the amount of light in your dining room. Or opt for a wild wallpaper for some real pizazz! Really invest time in finding the best wall color because this will ultimately affect your mood on a daily basis.

Define the Size of Your Table

The dining room table is the room’s focal point. But finding the perfect table can take time as of course, not just any table will do. It shouldn’t be too big because it will limit the maneuvering space. But it needs to be big enough to accommodate all your guests.

luxurious dining room by koket - intuition dining table and nahema dining chairs

So, think about the number of people you’re planning on welcoming and find a luxurious dining table that will fit everyone. Alternatively, you can look for an extendable table that can expand when necessary.

Natural Light and Fresh Air

Your dining room isn’t just a place for eating – it’s also about having fun with the people you love and enjoying life. In order to do that, being in a room with enough fresh air and natural sunlight is a great bonus. So if you have the choice, try to make sure your dining room is equipped with large windows.

If that’s not possible, you’ll need some help. Try a powerful and practical HEPA air purifier that will ensure your dining room is always full of fresh air. This will make your guests feel more welcomed and at home. And it will certainly boost their mood and make them appreciate your hospitality even more.

Luxurious Decorative Lighting

If your dining room doesn’t get good natural light, or you prefer throwing parties at night, you need to think in another direction and explore lighting options. Many people forget to consider this, but the truth is that decorative lighting is more important than you can imagine. It will set the mood for the entire room and help you feel comfortable. If you manage to get the lighting done properly, of course!

luxurious dining room design featuring koket nymph chandeliers

Most people opt for a giant chandelier in the middle of their dining room. If you take this route be sure to invest time into getting the right model for the perfect focal point. Whether you go for a crystal or a dual model, the right lighting will take your dining experience to a whole new level. Start looking for a chandelier at the beginning of your project.

Decorate Every Corner

Although some people prefer keeping their dining room simple and elegant, others prefer going all in. From lighting to the subtle art pieces on their walls, they hunt for the most luxurious and visually appealing ideas.

luxurious dining room designed by ramzy alaa

Some of them even visit flea markets to look for antique details to make their dining room even more special. Going back in time and finding options that introduce something unusual into your space is a must. So find these decorating pieces as soon as you can.

Designing, furnishing and decorating a luxurious dining room sounds rather easy at first. But this process still requires a ton of work. And you will thank yourself if you make sure every detail is just perfect before you start welcoming guests.

Words by Emma Joyce

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