Winter Outfit Ideas for Holiday Parties

Holiday party invitations are streaming in so it’s time to search for the perfect winter outfit ideas! Looking for chic sophisticated outfits? Look no further! These party dresses will help you to make an appropriately festive entrance! From velvet to lace, come discover some of our favorite looks.

Winter Outfit Ideas: Dresses

Feathered Black Dress

black feather dress by 16arlington from net a porter - Winter Outfit Ideas for your Holiday Parties
Dress by 16ARLINGTON from Net-a-Porter

As you may know, we’re addicted to feathers, on everything! Clothes, furniture, accessories. But, let’s face it: nothing says party season quite like a feather dress. And you know what they say “Women who wear black lead colorful lives” – so feathers and black are a perfect combo for your holiday party outfit.

Red Velvet Dresses

Red screams holiday season so is of course a great color for this time of the year. And Velvet is, well, its Velvet! The fabric that never goes out of style and is a perfect fit for any occasion.

Metallic Slip Dress

pink Metallic Slip Dress by Galvan from Bergdorfs - Winter Outfit Ideas for your Holiday Parties
Metallic Slip Dress by Galvan from Bergdorfs

You can never go wrong with pink. And even more, in this case, the dress has a metallic slip, so it’s perfect! Add to this outfit a fur coat and you’ll master the look!

How Your Style Can be Empowering

Sequin Top

Attico silver Sequinned Top on Farfetch Winter Outfit Ideas for your Holiday Parties
Attico Sequinned Top from Farfetch

If you want to be more discreet, you can always opt for a sequin top. It goes well with everything! If you want to sparkle in a low-key way, use light and nude colors. Sequin tops feel like a party every time you move. Another great choice!

Winter Outfit Ideas: Accessories

A great piece of jewelry can transform any look! Let’s see what you shouldn’t miss when it comes time to accessorize your holiday outfit.

A Pair of Bold Earrings

Photo by Freshh Connection / Unsplash Accessories to Complete your Winter Outfit Ideas

Earrings are a great addition to any outfit. However, for the party season, we recommend going for a bold look! A good pair of earrings will draw attention to your gorgeous face.

A Statement Necklace

jewelry by ann ong - Accessories to Complete your Winter Outfit Ideas
Jewelry by Ann Ong
Photo by Rebecca Van Ommen, Creative Direction by Mehdi Moussaoui

A statement necklace will make a perfect contrast to your outfit. Even if the hot and sunny days are over, try to select necklaces with colorful tones to help you shine and brighten up the party!

Words by Rita Archer

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