12 Strong Women Leaders to Know

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In 2019 Love Happens had the great honor of interviewing many talented people. Designers, artisans, and other service providers opened up to us about their passions, careers and what it took for them to find success. Of these interviews, many were with strong women leaders – something this world still needs SO many more of. Here are 12 of our favorite interviews with strong women leaders from 2019. Be inspired!

Alli McCartney, Managing Director of UBS Alignment Partners

alli mccartney ubs alignment partners - top female financial advisors nyc - strong women leaders
Alli McCartney

As a “feminist” journalist and member of a large social circle of fabulous women, Alli McCartney, Managing Director of Alignment Partners, is a Financial Advisor in Private Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services in New York City. Alli’s represents a unique voice in the complicated world of finance. She is not your typical ordinary financial advisor—she and her team have developed a truly specialized niche working with recently divorced/newly financially empowered women. Read the article

Annastasia Seebohm, Global CEO of Quintessentially

Annastasia seebohm global ceo quintessentially - strong women leaders
Annastasia Seebohm

If you are looking for meaningful experiences and unparalleled access to the world of luxury then look no further. Elite concierge and lifestyle management service Quintessentially is at your service. And if you want to be inspired to reach for your dreams, meet Quintessentially’s Global CEO Annastasia Seebohm. Read on and you will quickly discover why Quintessentially and Annastasia are one of our latest obsessions!

Carolyn Cartwright, Founder of Cartwright NY

Cartwright NY Photoshoot for Catalog by Brien Hollowell
Carolyn Cartwright of Cartwright NY, Photo by Brien Hollowell

Timeless. A simple yet profound word to describe the artistry, innovation, craftiness, and designs of Carolyn Cartwright. After years of set designing for in Hollywood, Carolyn Cartwright decided to follow her passion for lighting and accessories. They may appear to be the smallest components of interior design, but Carolyn calls them the icing on the cake. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Carolyn about her path and stunning collection of Venetian inspired modernist glass lamps. Read on for a world of inspiration!

Carrie Hammer, Founder of Role Models Not Runway Models

Carrie Hammer role models not runway models
Carrie Hammer

Meet Carrie Hammer, fashion designer turned activist with a powerful campaign she calls Role Models Not Runway Models. A movement which is all about being ‘Body Positive’ and redefining the meaning of beauty in the fashion industry! Read the article

Diana Verde Nieto, CEO & Co-founder of Positive Luxury

Diana Verde Nieto Positive Luxury - strong women leaders
Positive Luxury CEO & Founder, Diana Verde Nieto

Diana Verde Nieto is a woman breaking glass ceilings with her sustainable worldview. So it’s no surprise that her company, Positive Luxury, is a brand that has been groundbreaking in itself. Through awarding their signature Butterfly Mark, Positive Luxury is on a mission to ensure that luxury brands make sustainable and eco-friendly products. Read the article

Ginna Christensen of GC Collaborative

Ginna Christensen of design industry brand consultancy GC Collaborative is an inspirational female force you need to know! Read the article

Gulla Jónsdóttir, Principal of Gulla Jónsdóttir Architecture & Design

Gulla Jonsdottir
Gulla Jonsdottir

A visionary beyond all else, Gulla is an amazingly talented architect and interior designer by trade. Her spaces are unexpected and poetic modern masterpieces that beautifully harmonize with their surroundings. Renowned for her sensual and dynamic forms and integration of organic beauty and function, Gulla and her studio create unique spatial experiences in each project. Environmental works of art! Read the article

Kelly Hoppen MBE

kelly hoppen interview
Kelly Hoppen MBE

One of the most celebrated and sought after interior designers in the world Kelly Hoppen’s relentless passion for design began at just sixteen. And today, with four decades of experience under her belt and countless stunning projects, she is truly a design icon. Read the article.

Meyghan Hill, Founder of (wh)ORE HAüs Studio

Meghyan Hill of (wh)ORE Haus Furniture

Meet Meyghan Hill, an ex-model who grew up in the fashion industry and traded in trendy threads for an all-black wardrobe, and a welding helmet to set ablaze fine furniture as the artistic designer who founded (wh)ORE HAüs in 2012. Read the article

Nina Campbell, CEO & Founder of Nina Campbell

nina campbell - strong women leaders
Nina Campbell

When it comes to interior style Nina Campbell is a goddess! In business for over 50 years and still going strong. Nina’s signature rich palette, attention to practicality, comfort, and detail. Alongside her delightful wit make her one of the most renowned names in design across Europe and the US. Read the article.

Sarah Flint, CEO & Founder of Sarah Flint Shoes

sarah flint
Sarah Flint

Meet Sarah Flint the woman, Sarah Flint the shoe brand, and find out what this fearless female entrepreneur has to say to those looking to find success. Read the article.

Stacey Boyd, Founder of Olivela

stacey boyd founder olivela - strong women leaders
Stacy Boyd

Love Happens correspondent Jasmín Nelson had the honor of interviewing charitable luxury e-commerce site Olivela founder Stacey Boyd. Read on to learn all about how Olivela came to life. How it supports the women’s empowerment movement. The future of the company and more! Read the article.

Know any strong women leaders you think we should meet? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email!