End the Struggle to Lose Weight, You Are the Power

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You’ve tried everything to end your struggle to lose weight and no success. Every six months you see a product or program guaranteeing fast results. So, you jump on the bandwagon but always manage to fall off. You may believe that you just haven’t discovered the right “thing” to make you lose weight. But realize that all these “things” be it a diet, supplement, or program are only simple tools to aid you in a process that YOU must manage! Nothing works unless you work it! Below are successful tips to help you end your struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

7 Tips to Help You End Your Struggle to Lose Weight

1. Examine Your Lifestyle

What you’re not conscience off, you can’t fix. Start charting your routine from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Write down everything you eat from meals to snacks to beverages. Also, chart exercise time or the lack thereof. Write down the specific times that these things are occurring. Do you skip meals? Do you regularly have a midnight snack? Be very specific providing detailed information about your day-to-day. This will give the best indication of what changes need to be implemented in your lifestyle.

2. Know Your Body

We all know age, gender, and metabolism are some of the factors that can positively or negatively affect our weight loss journey. But while acknowledging our differences, we must also embrace the commonalities that contribute to our healthiest selves. Based on solely your diet, you can maintain a particular weight due to your calorie intake. This means if you consistently intake more or less than your usual intake you will increase or decrease in weight. Some of us hate counting calories but knowing that your favorite meal is 1200 calories may keep you from eating it every day.

3. Implement a Plan

Now that you are aware of your habits, plan a strategy.

  1. Cut down on unhealthy carbs. Trade-in French fries, rolls, and lasagna for brown rice, sweet potatoes, and nuts.
  2. Consume more fish and poultry instead of beef and pork.
  3. Increase your vegetables. Every day you should be consuming some “green food”. Try raw veggies, salad, or cooked vegetables. Your options are endless. If you don’t like one try another.
  4. Choose grilled, steamed, or sautéed foods rather than fried.
  5. Avoid soft drinks and high sugared drinks. Instead, try unsweetened teas, protein shakes, or blending your own fruit and veggie shakes. Always drink plenty of water.
  6. Don’t forget portion control. Limit your meals to one serving. Think of your plate as having four squares. Fill two squares with veggies, one with meat and the other with a healthy carb. For vegetarians, meat can be replaced with another protein.
  7. Cut off late-night eating. If you must have a late-night snack, try foods like cheese, fruit, or veggies.
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Photo by Brooke Lark, Unsplash

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4. Sacrifice

Your stomach is going to growl. You may become irritable and might even start dreaming about chocolate chip cookies. But it is going to be ok. The beginning is always the hardest because your body is trying to adjust to the new norm. But remember that your sacrifice is not in vain. You may have to plan your meals for work or other outings. You may be cooking more often, but if you prep your food for the week it won’t consume your time in the middle of the day. It’s not always convenient, but it’s profitable. It is not just about acquiring a better bod but being in your best health. You can’t put a price on that!

5. Be Consistent

It took you two years to gain those 50 pounds, so it will definitely take more than a week to lose them. We all want fast results but losing weight the healthy way will take time. Eating healthy needs to become second nature like brushing your teeth and combing your hair. Remember it was the consistent intake of high-calorie sweets and fattening meals that caused weight gain and unfavorable health results. However, it can all be reversed by retraining the body with new healthy habits. Be intentional about every meal, snack, and beverage that you consume. This is your new lifestyle, not a diet.

6. Cheat Days

Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean the absence of your favorites. Maybe you have a sweet tooth for German chocolate cake or an obsession with deep dish pizza. Whatever your fancy, there’s room for it as long as you plan. Designate a day where you can bend the rules a little. Try the breaded chicken sandwich or enjoy a scoop of ice cream after a meal. This isn’t about having a day of junk food, but rather incorporating a guilty pleasure or two into your day. The idea is to treat yourself even while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

7. Exercise

It is completely possible to lose weight by simply eating right. However, the benefits of exercise far exceed just weight loss. It reduces the risk of heart disease, strengthens bones and muscles, improves your mood, improves sleep and the list goes on. Try going for a walk or bicycle riding; exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Incorporate something that you love into your workout. You will not only lose weight faster by doing this, but you will feel great too!

Words by Jada Ledbetter


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