How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Living Space This Year

Omnia Ahmed, Egypt bedroom koket chairs and reve mirror

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many people around the world have been spending more time at home. Whether it’s working from home or dreaming up house projects while furloughed from work, many have been updating their living spaces in 2020. Adding little touches to home living areas can help to make a place feel more homely and more ‘lived in’. So, read on for a few useful ways to add a personal touch to your living space this year.

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Living Space This Year

Design Your Home Office to Suit All of Your Needs

The pandemic forced many people to work from home. And while some people have returned to their offices, many are still working from home. Rather than setting up a laptop in the spare room, or on your lap in the living room, creating a dedicated home office space can help separate work life from home life. With so many employees working from home, architecture and design have played an important part in home decor. As people started creating their own personal home office workspaces. Whether you have an entire room to use as an office, or simply a little living space somewhere in your home, you will want to add things to that area to make it ‘yours’.

stylish living space - home office design featuring koket exotic ormolu desk vengeance table lamp and hemma desk chair
Interior by KOKET

If your home office has a door, make use of that space. Try putting some floating shelves behind the door for extra storage space. You could also make a fabric stationery holder with pockets to hang behind the door. This will help prevent your desk from being cluttered with these items. Put a plant and a couple of your favorite photos on your desk. A handmade cushion on your office chair. And a great-looking little rug on the floor under your desk and chair. Lack of living space is usually a problem with most home offices, so make sure to use every inch of space available to you, in the best possible way. While at home, there are many ways to personalize your office space to make it really yours, with the freedom and your own space to do so.

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Transforming Your Bedroom for Relaxation

Apart from using your favorite colors, what better way to personalize your interiors, than by displaying something you have made yourself? Let the artist in you come out and make some weird and wonderful scatter cushions to place on your bed. Make one-of-a-kind accessories for your bedroom, display your favorite photos in brightly-colored handmade frames, or transform your old bedroom mirror with upcycling.

Bedroom design by Omnia Ahmed, Egypt featuring KOKET's Namoi Chair & Reve Mirror
Bedroom design by Omnia Ahmed, Egypt featuring KOKET’s Namoi Chair & Reve Mirror

If you have floors in your bedroom that you simply don’t like or cannot change, then liven it up immediately with a great floor rug. That plain and uncomfortable area will suddenly become a vibrant and inviting room, with a fluffy or creative rug. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose something minimalist, one with bold and unique patterns, or one with unique textures – whatever will make your home feel like yours.

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Updating for a Cozy Living Room Environment

There are several items that you can include in your living room that will immediately make it feel warm and cosy. From accessories like books and plants to stylish coffee tables and bespoke furniture, there are many ways that you can feel more at home by updating your living room decor. Bespoke furniture for your home is a creative and fun way to add your personal touch to your living space. You can go with the flow and upholster furniture in a color that fits with the rest of your theme. Or go a bit overboard and create a real conversation piece with something you might not usually pick out.

luxury living room design project featuring koket denise chair roxy chandelier tabu cocktail table vamp sofa
Living room design by KOKET

Despite modern technology, curling up with a good book in a personalized living space is a great way to relax. Personalizing a living room’s bookshelf with your top favorite novels and hardbacks can give guests an insight into your character. Adding a few potted plants to the interior of your home will also not only enhance your decor, but the health benefits they offer will add to the quality of life for you and your family. Plants purify and circulate indoor air, reduce stress, and generally make people feel happier. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you are almost guaranteed to find a few that will suit your needs perfectly!

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