Why Luxury Five Star Hotels Make for a Perfect Getaway

To gaze at the clear blue warm waters under a hot sun feels like those magical times that we only see in movies.

Staying at a luxury five star hotel is a dream come true for most. And goodness knows we could all use a change of pace in our lives these days! However, have you ever wondered what it is exactly that makes people go overboard with expenditures when selecting a hotel? It is these reasons in particular that make luxury five star hotels, regardless of location or proximity to home, the perfect spot for a getaway!

Every individual experiences the desire to be pampered with ultimate care and comfort. This is precisely what you can expect of any service you receive from a five star hotel. Also, by definition a getaway is usually a short trip, so making the best of every moment is essential. Let’s take a look at five reasons why luxury five star hotels are generally worth the price tag and the perfect place for a getaway!

1. Fluffy Comforters and Cozy Bedding

luxury five star hotels a perfect getaway deluxe-guest-room Four Seasons New York Downtown
Four Seasons New York Downtown

We know you have been trying to transform that personal bed of yours into an enviable hotel bed laden with the most luxurious bedding options available. However, you shall find it hard to match elsewhere, the kind of experience with the fluffiest comforters a five star luxury hotel can provide.

Luxury hotels make use of some of the most pristine bedding products, ones you may otherwise find difficult to get your hands on. Ranging all the way from those white satin sheets, to the cloud-like soft pillows and comforters, these hotels practically create the best environment to help even the most difficult sleepers to get a fitful night’s sleep.

Let’s also be honest; buying those fluffy comforters like these hotel quality down comforters, or those luxurious and fluffy pillows can definitely get expensive. Moreover, these cozy bedding products rarely are a one-time investment and require adequate maintenance.

If you happen to be somewhat short on budget, why give up on your dream for a cozy sleep? Luxury five star hotels can be your chance at experiencing the comfort these bedding products provide at a relatively economical price. Even if that comes for only a few nights. And what is better for a perfect getaway than an amazing bed?!

2. Readily Available Finger-Licking Cuisine

Hôtel Plaza Athénée Paris, Brunch - luxury five star hotels a perfect getaway
Hôtel Plaza Athénée Paris, Brunch

When you are on the hunt for a perfect getaway, delicious food is a must. Being away from home, especially if in a foreign country, can put your taste buds in a difficult position. It may be hard to locate the best places to eat. Or perhaps the local flavors are not your cup of tea. If for any reason you are particularly picky about your choices of cuisine, you shall ultimately find your salvation within a luxury five star hotel. 

Luxury hotels tend to incorporate high-end restaurants in-house, in order to offer you a variety of cuisine choices. Instead of making your way through the local roads and asking for recommendations, although this too can be fun, you can find everything available within your hotel. This saves travelers from a whole lot of trouble, especially those who are on a tight schedule.

It is however not only the variety in food services that makes a five star hotel perfect for a getaway. The fame of a top-notch hotel tends to come from both the quality of the food served along with the value you get for the money you spend (you will be required to spend a generous amount nonetheless).

We are guessing you, like most travelers, would rather pay a little extra for delicious and hygienic food than end up ruining your getaway with food poisoning. Also, let us not forget the superb dining experience you get to enjoy when dining at a luxurious hotel.

black and gold bar stool - chandra by koket

3. Exquisite Architectural Setting

luxury five star hotels a perfect getaway the palm resort one & only hotel lobby
One&Only, The Palm, Dubai

Those who have experienced the grandeur of a luxury five star hotel would know the importance of staying at a place that offers an architectural setting that meets their high standards. So, what place better for a perfect getaway than one with spaces carefully designed to impeccably meet all your needs?

Moreover, most five star hotels tend to have an exquisite and rich history. Thus alluring individuals with an interest in the subject. When presented in the form of a stunning architectural masterpiece, such five star hotels tend to act as an ideal place to stay at as well as the best possible place to visit and experience. 

Oftentimes, these luxurious hotels are built in some of the most stunning landscapes of the world. Thus offering a quiet yet opulent retreat for those looking for it. Since these places are rather expensive and have limited accommodation, you won’t find yourself stranded within an extremely busy place. So you get to have your peace of mind to experience an architectural wonder amidst a stunning landscape! Who would say no to such a wonderful opportunity!

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4. Meet Your Celebrity Idol

Have you dreamed of meeting your celebrity crush or idol? Because there is this offbeat chance to actually bump into them one day if your vacationing timings coincide within a five star hotel. Just sayin’!

Five star hotels are generally a lot more expensive than most other hotels. This is why they tend to be more discreetly located and are usually less busy. Moreover, they offer great value for the money by providing literally the best services in the market.

Not to mention, they have amazing security systems, which is extremely important for people with a high profile. Such places generally tend to attract influential people like celebrities and businessmen, thereby increasing your chances of running into one. Yet another reason they make a perfect getaway spot!

5. Enjoy Personalized Services

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London

Generally, individuals who prefer to stay at luxury five star hotels instead of any ordinary one, intend to receive personalized care and attention. Not every hotel would treat you like the royalty you are; luxury hotels however want you to keep coming back to them. So for that, they will go out of their way to ensure your stay is as seamlessly comfortable as you desire.

This means you can practically expect complimentary turndown services from the hotel management. While you get access to clean sheets, a made-up bed, and tidy rooms in almost all hotels, five stars or not. The ability to walk into a room that has been prepped up exactly the way you like it is a luxury only five star hotels can offer. Give your hotel’s staff permission to optimize your room’s ambiance to your taste and this is exactly what they will do.

Moreover, you might even be surprised to find some welcoming or parting gifts by the hotel management. Which amazingly enough are often based on your preferences during your stay at the hotel.

A luxury hotel would definitely go out of its way to ensure that you get to experience the time of your life within the short duration of your stay. And this is precisely why you shall find yourself unable to go anywhere else the next time you are in town. Hello, perfect getaway!

Feature Image: The Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel Greece

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