5 Simple Ways to Make Your House Feel Luxurious

luxurious house living room koket sofia black velvet sofa, tabu legs coffee table, spellbound white and gold bar cabinet

So you want to make your house feel luxurious, yes why not! Luxury can offer up a wonderful feeling of comfort. And if executed correctly, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Nor does it have to be overwhelmingly complicated. Read on for five simple tips for making your house feel luxurious, while still being kind to your wallet and your time.

Add Texture to Your Walls

Sometimes all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint. Often the first thing that many people consider doing is accenting a wall with a contrasting color. While this may work, paint is the go-to for many people, there is however a more creative idea; accenting the wall by texturing it. This can be done in many ways, such as padded velvet, elegant wallpaper, wood paneling, a grasscloth, or paint applied with a flat plaster paddle.

Wallcoverings such as these will increase the sophistication in any room immediately. And better yet, if it is a wide wall, you don’t even need to apply the wall covering to the entire space, just the center of it.

designer home decor Merveille Chair with Natural Feather Upholstered Back and Reptilian Table Lamp by KOKET. Pluma Sconce by KK by KOKET
A beautiful wallpapered accent wall creates a luxurious modern vibe in this home office featuring KOKET’s Merveille Chair with a Natural Feather upholstered back and the stunning Pluma Sconce

Use Posters (Not the Teenager Kind!)

If you are truly looking for a very cost-effective method of giving your house a luxurious feeling, then consider using posters. You might be thinking that posters are for teenagers or office workers looking for motivation to get them through the day, however, the poster industry has come a long way in the past few years. You can get posters made from the highest quality museum paper from online stores like the ones offered here by Art Frill.

If you have always wanted a painting by a renowned artist, then you’re in luck. There are posters that are essentially printed paintings. Putting one of those up on your wall with a nice frame is certain to make your house feel more luxurious.

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Add Long Curtains

One thing that many people overlook when decorating a room are the curtains. This is understandable as it is usually just seen as a way to cover the windows, and not so much as a decoration. However, if you want to add sophistication to a room, then getting longer curtains is a great easy trick. Especially if you hang them from as close to the ceiling as possible.

Not only does this look amazing, but it also makes the wall feel much higher than it actually is. Which in turn can make the room feel bigger as a result. This works especially well if the room has been decluttered. 

luxurious house river oaks Interior by Dennis Brackeen Design Studio
Floor to ceiling curtains and prominent art and accent pillows create a perfect aura of sophistication in this interior by Dennis Brackeen Design Studio

Try Big Accent Pillows

This next tip might not sound very helpful. But, see it applied to a room and you will quickly understand why it works so well. Unfortunately, when people see small pillows, whether it be on a bed or sofa, the first thought is that they look cheap. This is obviously not normally a big deal, but if you want to make your house feel more luxurious, then the small pillows have to go.

Larger pillows will make your entire living room appear more sophisticated. And as for the bedroom; overstuffing your already large pillows will do the same thing. Sometimes bigger is better.

black bedroom fur pillows and throw koket
Large fur pillows add the perfect splash of luxury to this KOKET bedroom

koket soft goods - fur throws fur pillows fur rugs

Use a Neutral Color Palette

If you are determined to paint all your walls, or even just a room or two, then you should go for a more neutral color palette. As much as you might want to go for bright colors to breathe life and personality into the room, neutral colors such as beige, grey, white, black, or ivory will make any room in your house feel more luxurious. Unfortunately, brighter colors often can have the opposite effect.

Another great idea, if you have decided to use neutral colors, is to paint your doors black. This will instantly give the feeling of luxury and sophistication. Imagine how amazing your long curtains are going to look now.

luxurious house black doors and trim white foyer interiors kara smith KES
Black doors and trim make a striking appearance in this interior design by Kara Smith Studio

Happy decorating! And may all of your luxurious home dreams come to be!

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