What to Wear: Panty Types for Every Occasion

Comfort, style, and protection—these are the hallmarks of a well-balanced outfit. As easy as they are to remember, sometimes it’s much harder to pull them all together. Like a good soup, where the base ingredients will determine the overall quality of your meal, it’s your undergarments that will dictate how your outfit comes together. Yes, your panty type matters!

When talking undergarments, we’re now blessed (cursed?) with an increasingly large number of options. Knowing which is best for any given occasion can be a bit daunting and incredibly time-consuming. So read on as we take a look at the different varieties of panties available and consider the occasions they are best suited for. 

What to Wear: Panty Types for Every Occasion

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Providing only minimal coverage, thongs leave your butt revealed as there’s only a thin piece of fabric up the rear. This strip prevents panty lines from showing through tight pants. Further, they are entirely comfortable so long as they have a cotton crotch and non-chafing back strip. 

The revealing, flexible, and sexy nature of thongs means they are great in situations where you need a boost of confidence. For instance, on a date, at a job interview, or even for a board meeting where you need your best self on display. 

Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence is an issue that affects women considerably more than men, thanks to factors like childbirth and menopause. As many as half of older women suffer from incontinence, making incontinence relief imperative. (1)

Thankfully, incontinence underwear has been added to the world of panty types offering an easy solution for many sufferers. This underwear type offers a special thick, absorbent, and indistinguishable from regular underwear design. Above all, it gives you the confidence to go about your day knowing any incontinence-based mishaps won’t be an issue!

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Sharing its name with the most popular bikini bathing suit bottom style, bikini-style underwear is perhaps the most common and versatile underwear style. In short, the key to a great pair of bikini underwear is the material. Opt for cotton whenever you can. And stay away from synthetics as UTIs are thought to be up to 68% more common in women who wear synthetic underwear. (3)


While similar in shape to the bikini style that sits right below the hips, hipsters, as their name suggests, fit a bit higher. Hipsters usually sit just above the hips and have a wider waistband. They typically offer a bit more coverage making them ideal if you love wearing low-rise pants.

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Boyshorts take inspiration from male boxer briefs and adapt them to the female figure. They have a larger amount of leg coverage compared to the other varieties on this list. Further, they are amongst the most comfortable, too.

These panties could serve as the “base” off of which to build a tomboy look, which has been associated with a protective and assertive demeanor. By this logic, boyshorts might be a fun choice when you are expecting to engage in negotiation, conflict resolution, or other high-pressure situations. (2)


Perhaps the cheekiest, most suggestive of all underwear types, the not so humble G-string is an underwear style loaded with connotations of empowerment, liberty, and sexuality (if you so choose). In developing nations like Kenya, G-strings and panty choices have even been associated with a growing sense of female agency. These new attitudes are playing out against a backdrop of traditional expectations for women. (4)

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High Rise Panties

Nowadays, female-led lingerie brands are everywhere, meaning women are finally being given what they want. The “rise” of high-rise panties is a direct result of this trend, bringing both comfort and security back to panties. 

The high rise means that the seams sit above your tummy, around your waist. So, for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of underwear seams digging into your hips, high-rise panties are the ideal option for you in situations where you feel you need security and protection.

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French Cut

Sometimes referred to as high cut underwear, French cut has a similar waist as briefs, but has a higher cut leg hole to reveal more of your upper leg. Being of European origin, these panties also bring a sense of style and sophistication to your outfit, in accordance with the chic nature of French fashion. (5)

And That’s A Panty Types Wrap

What underwear you choose to wear can reflect how you think, feel, and what your day ahead has in store. Whether feeling playful, expecting to face a high-pressure situation, immersing yourself in culture, or just feeling downright sexy, your ideal panty type is out there, waiting for the right occasion.


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