8 Reasons Your Bedroom Needs a Chaise or Loveseat, Especially at the End of the Bed

brianne bishop loveseat at end of bed

So you’re designing your new bedroom, or maybe you are just looking to add some new pizazz to your current space. May we make a suggestion? Add a chaise or loveseat, especially at the end of your bed. Yes, some may say just a simple bench at the end of the bed or a pair of chairs will do, but a chaise or loveseat will take your bedroom to the next level. Read on for 8 reasons why your next home decor purchase should be a chaise or loveseat for your bedroom!

First, What Are Chaises & Loveseats

To start, both chaises and loveseats are officially designed for relaxing making them a perfect fit for a bedroom. But this is definitely just where things begin.

The Chaise: Officially the chaise lounge, pronounced “shayz long, French for “long chair”, and most commonly called a chaise lounge. The chaise is essentially a chair designed long enough to recline in like a bed with your legs raised. Usually with one arm, sometimes with no arms. Dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times the chaise has made countless appearances throughout the history of furniture. Taking on many forms, finishes, and functions, commercial lounge chairs are now often seen outdoors or poolside in most hotels.

koket chaises

The Loveseat: As its name suggests the loveseat is designed for two! By appearance, the loveseat is a short sofa, usually with two arms although sometimes with none, a back, and a standard seat depth. Loveseats are often around the same length as a chaise, however, the second arm makes them less comfortable for a single person to lay on depending on their height. On the other end, their width when used as a single lounge chair is great for spreading out.

koket loveseats

8 Reasons Your Bedroom Needs a Chaise or Loveseat, Especially at the End of the Bed

1.   It Will Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

If you already have a chaise or loveseat in your bedroom consider moving it to the end of your bed as this will make your room feel much bigger.

black and gold master bedroom modern interior design by brianne bishop glamour
By placing the loveseat at the end of the bed interior designer Brianne Bishop maximized the space in this stunningly chic bedroom.

2.   Increase Seating Space

If you share your room with a partner or have kids who like to invade your bedroom then this one is for you. If you have space you can even opt for two chaises side by side, perhaps facing a TV or fireplace. Way cozier than two armchairs.

baptiste bohu luxury bedroom design
In this stunning bedroom designed by Baptiste Bohu two loveseats create a delightful seating area.

3.   Uninterrupted Views

Who doesn’t love opening their eyes each morning to the beauty of the outdoors? If you have a beautiful view from your bedroom you surely won’t want to block it. You can easily find a chaise or loveseat with a low overall height, making them perfect for uninterrupted views, whether placed at the end of your bed or next to a window.

Envy Chaise by KOKET by window in bedroom
The Envy Chaise by KOKET fits perfectly below the window sill ensuring uninterrupted views in this serene bedroom

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4.   Sculptural Element

If your room is filled with rectangles and squares (think bed, nightstand, dresser), then add a chaise! Go for a loveseat or chaise with an innovative shape. The distinct lines will do a beautiful job at breaking the monotony of the squares and rectangles in the room.

bedroom with chaise loveseat end of bed domoff interiors
The unique sculptural shape of this loveseat enlivens this bedroom design by Domoff Interiors

5.   Cover an Awkward Space

The necessity and limited layout options for a bed, nightstands, and dressers in a bedroom design often result in an awkward leftover corner. This is a great place for a chaise or loveseat. Have a bay window? Place a loveseat across it instead of trying to fill the space.

moller architects bedroom koket millicent chaise gold - photo rachael mckenna nz house and garden
The Millicent Chaise by KOKET beautifully fills an otherwise not so useful corner in this bedroom designed by Moller Architects, while also adding a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the spectacular view! (Photo by Rachael McKenna / NZ House & Garden)

6.   Upscale Bedroom Aesthetics

With so many shapes, colors, textures, and finishes to choose from, adding a loveseat or chaise to your bedroom is a great way to up your aesthetics with just one addition.

Corbusier style modern leather chaise in bedroom designed by Clodagh Design (Photo by Daniel Aubry)
The Corbusier style modern leather chaise lounge instantly ups the aesthetics in this bedroom designed by Clodagh Design (Photo by Daniel Aubry)

7.   Streamline Styles

Loveseats and chaises come in every style imaginable. Thus making them easy to incorporate in your space regardless of your bedroom style. If you want a modern look without fussy curves, use an angular loveseat and place some cushions on it. If you want a more glamourous look, select a chaise upholstered in luxurious velvet. Or perhaps you’re looking for something more whimsical like the loveseat in this wonderfully fun bedroom below.

whimsical bedroom design featuring enchanted loveseat koket brass branches statement design
The Enchanted Loveseat by KOKET brings majestic enchanted forest whimsy to this bedroom rendered by Simply the Design

8.   Makes a Statement

The usage of chaise or loveseat is a style statement. Placing one of these seating options in your bedroom instantly makes for a distinct space. A traditional-style loveseat is great for smaller bedrooms as they tend to be lighter on the eye. However, if you have a large bedroom a classic chesterfield loveseat might be just what you need to help fill and define your space.

cream and pink bedroom florida by lori morris with loveseat at the end of the bed and chaise by the window
This stunning bedroom design by Lori Morris features a loveseat and chaise making for a truly glamorous bedroom style statement!

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