How to Create a Lavish Oasis in Your Backyard

backyard oasis with koket intuition dining table by pool with beautiful view

Sometimes all you need after a long, trying day is to escape to another land, kick up your feet, and breathe in a new atmosphere. This may seem difficult, but fortunately for you, there are several ways to turn your own backyard into a luxurious oasis — a sanctuary just for you and whomever you wish to share it with. 

It may seem like a daunting undertaking when looking at your scraggly garden, dying plants, and maybe even a terrible neighbor’s fence bordering your yard. However, even some of the smallest tweaks and tricks can turn your “dead marshes” of a garden into an enchanting hideaway.

According to a 2017 trends study conducted by Houzz, on average, US homeowners spend somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 on their outdoor space. 15% spend up to approximately $50,000. So, whether your backyard is as big as Cinderella’s ballroom or as tiny as Genie’s bottle, there are various affordable ways to make it a bit lusher!

3 Simple Ways to Create a Lavish Oasis in Your Backyard

Bring Your Beloved Indoor Setting Outside

If you’ve spent months perfecting your indoor living room—picking out the perfect decorative items and ensuring that all the colors match—but often find yourself craving that fresh, crisp air, you may wish to consider replicating your cozy family room in your outdoor space. Take that same careful curatorial approach to your outdoor space too. The right seating can make a big difference. You might take a look at outdoor furniture from Neighbor as a starting point. Or you can focus on finding the right accessories. 

If you often host gatherings, you may also consider including a dining-style table for BBQs and dinner parties. Or even an outdoor bar/kitchen. With a little touch of love and thought, you could pop on a record and turn your backyard into the most popular and relaxing communal space in the neighborhood.

Embrace Minimalism With Your Choice of Décor

There is nothing worse than crowded landscaping filled with tsatskes. Creating a modern backyard oasis calls for simplifying your space but minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Choosing decor wisely can elevate a boring backyard to a beautiful and relaxing space. Using plants and landscaping should be the main focus. Adding lighting such as string lights, or installing fixtures on the exterior of your house can not only be practical but create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Speaking of warm and cozy—outdoor rugs have really stepped up their game. Select one that matches your furniture and add in some throw pillows. Not only will sticking to minimalist principles look nicer, but it will also save you money and simplify the upkeep.

Draw Inspiration From a Real Oasis

If you were to visit an actual oasis, you’d see a blending of sandy yellows, vibrant greens, and rich blues. While traveling to the desert may be out of the question, bringing those elements to you isn’t as farfetched as you might think.

The following ideas may be all you need to create the backyard sanctuary you have been dreaming of: 

Living Wall

A living (green) wall is what people call a vertical structure covered with a mass of plants and flowers. If your outdoor space is currently lacking in organic and animated features, this ethereal, lively area may be your answer. If you want more color you can also plant some flowers around it to add some extra flare. Living walls, also known as biophilic design, will instantly help you create oasis vibes in your backyard.

how to create a backyard oasis with koket enchanted sofa, nymph butterfly chandelier and living wall natural vines
Design by KOKET

Water Feature

If you love falling asleep to the sound of trickling rain, building or buying a water feature could send you into the deepest of sleep as you lay peacefully in your outdoor hammock or swinging chair. They can come in various shapes and sizes, therefore, you can choose accordingly after assessing the space available. 

Zen Garden

If you value meditation, reflection, and openness, you may desire a Japanese zen garden. You can choose to decorate and structure this space as you please. However, it’s suggested that the core aesthetic represent the ocean or a body of water. This can be done by raking the sand in patterns that mimic waves or carefully placing rocks to represent islands.

Zen gardens are also known for their potential anxiety-reducing abilities, according to Healthy Place. Therefore, those who practice mindfulness with the aid of a zen garden may be more likely to break through mental frustrations and find calm.

Creating a lavish oasis in your backyard is worth the effort. Adding some extra greenery, comfortable pillows, and hanging some lights may be all you need. If you wish to take it a step further, consider building a zen garden, an outdoor bar to entertain your friends, a living wall, or an extravagant water feature. The possibilities are endless!

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