How to, Really, Enjoy Foreplay

Foreplay—the exciting precursor to sex. It’s commonly mistaken that foreplay is more about women’s pleasure than it is about men. However, it is essential for both of your sexual satisfaction. Looking for new foreplay ideas? Read on for a handful of ways to really enjoy foreplay with your lover!

Start Outside the Bedroom

Nothing wrong with inviting foreplay away from the bedroom, elsewhere in the home. Make the mundane house chores more interesting by inviting fondling and sensual touch. Engaging in foreplay outside the house makes things even more exciting, and the potential for getting caught adds a new element of thrill to the situation. Engaging in foreplay in new surroundings can bring out other sides of your sexual personality as a couple. Things can get interesting. 

Spice Things Up With a Bit of Domination 

Introducing elements of BDSM can switch things up in foreplay. Whether you choose to dominate your partner or allow your partner to dominate you, relinquishing control can feel liberating. It’s particularly more enjoyable if you both communicate some of the foreplay ideas you’ve fantasised about beforehand. You can purchase some light restraints and a blindfold from online stores such as Mega Pleasure. This kind of foreplay can get as kinky as you want—think spanking, biting, chains, and whips. It’s entirely up to you how far you take it—no doubt, there’ll be a few laughs in the process too. 

Get Sensual

Prepare the bedroom with low light, candles to stimulate the senses. Playing around with new sensations can make foreplay more exciting. Warm-up natural coconut oil and invite one another for a full body massage, making it all about what one another likes. You can introduce other foreplay ideas like warming or cooling lube or giving oral sex while sucking on ice. Talk about a tease. Stimulating nerve endings in foreplay with different temperatures can build anticipation and excitement, leading to highly intensified arousal. Experimenting with a sensual approach to foreplay can stimulate one another in new ways—it’s about soft touch, passion, and making the other person feel doted upon in the bedroom. 

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Play With Sex Toys

There is a reason why the adult toy industry is a billion-pound industry. When it comes to sex toys, the focus is on areas you want to pleasure and stimulate the most. Vibrators, sex pillows, bondage kits, handheld strokers, and blindfolds are examples of sex toys commonly used to liven up foreplay. It’s essential to maintain open communication with your partner so you can discuss the options that you’re both happy to play with.

ALWAYS Practice Honest Communication

Taking time to learn more about your body will allow you to feel more comfortable talking about what you like in the bedroom and communicating with your partner. It’s important to discuss this before engaging in any sexual activity. It helps solidify boundaries, possible triggers for body shaming, and specific kinks you feel comfortable trying. Sex is an intimate experience shared with one or multiple individuals, whether at the same or different times; therefore, the same depth and intimacy need to be given to conversation around it. By doing so, you will appreciate one another on a new and deeper level and can apply this knowledge in your approach to inviting in creative foreplay ideas. On a final note, it is also noteworthy to know the condition of your partner.

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