10 Items That Defined Fashion for Lh in 2021

Vivienne Westwood 2021 fashion trends pearl diamond necklace

2021 symbolized strength & renewal, but especially revival!

What fashion did we buy and wear in 2021? If you are feeling reminiscent of this year’s fashion or maybe just want to check out trends that might still be in vogue in 2022 then this is the article for you! Lh’s affair with fashion is well known. And it is clear as the Koh-i-Noor diamond that Lh is passionate about all things decadent, timeless, and chic! However, here and there we do fall in love with trends, often in the most classic of colors though, our favorite, black!

Read on to discover the best of Fashion 2021 with 10 items that defined fashion for Lh in 2021!

10 Fashion 2021 Items to Remember, and Purchase (If You Haven’t Already!)

Nensi Dojaka’s Cut-out Dress

One of those items that we didn’t expect to see outside the runways. And yet, it was the beginning of a lot more trends in fashion. On TikTok, Fashion Students have gone viral with intricate cut-out tops and DIY layering tops made of stockings.

Nensi started the rediscovered archive or subversive fashion which incorporated modern touches on basics. Augustina Panzoni, the woman who spoke on this emerging microtrend on TikTok, defined the trend as “basics that rebel up to the point of losing their utility.”

Nensi Dojaka’s Cut-out Dress fashion 2021 trends
Cut-out silk-blend minidress by Nensi Dojaka

Telfar’s Shopping Bag

This year, as for bags, totes and shopping bags were so in and Telfar was the top designer people went for when it came to a generous-sized bag. Totes deserve all the hype though! They are super easy to style, amazing for everyone since you can fit all the essentials in it and they come in so many styles and colors.

Telfar offers a twist to them, not only it is stylish but it’s also a pretty unconventional tote with a long strap and fun colors. While other luxury brands struggled this year, Telfar seemed to have its best year yet. Although it is a beautiful shopping bag, this 2021 iconic fashion item became infamous for its exclusivity and for being constantly sold out on all fashion retailing platforms.

telfar large black shopping bag
Large Black Shopping Bag by Telfar

Vivienne Westwood’s Pearl Choker

Dua Lipa was earlier this year seen wearing the iconic Vivienne Westwood’s pearl choker and so the reawakening of this ahead of time label. Its popularity also goes out to the “e-girl aesthetic,” which is inspired by 00’s looks with modern details and archived fashion microtrends reemerging in 2021. Vivienne is also the one to go for her classic corsets and draped mini dresses, which were pretty big this year in fashion as well.

Although, in the past, Vivienne did not stand a chance against the conservative fashion society, in 2021 she was one of the top searches for accessories and jewelry.

Vivienne Westwood’s Pearl Choker fashion 2021
Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker by Vivienne Westwood

Chloé’s Heeled Rain Boots

There was surely a reinvention of boots this year! From platforms to heels and flatforms, and how could we forget about Doctor Martens’ Jadon boots. For Lh, however, a classic heeled squared-tip rain boot is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Chloé’s Helled Rain Boots are the perfect boot for everyday use as well as the one to go for when in need to level up a casual work look for winter. It not only gives a luxurious equestrian look but also protects you from cold and rain.

For the year of knee-high and combat boots, Chloé reinvented the shoe wear. And as for us that battle the NYC tumultuous weather, Chloé’s rain boots are a saint’s gift. Classic enough for work but cool and casual for Happy Hour with friends.

Chloé’s Heeled Rain Boots fashion 2021
Betty shearling and leather-trimmed rubber ankle boots by Chloé

Amina Muadi’s Pumps

Amina Muadi’s Pumps were all we saw on Instagram and red carpets this year. We can even say that she stole the hearts of all fashion lovers. In 2019, models like Kendall Jenner stumbled upon these embellished stilettos and it didn’t take long for everyone to recognize Amina’s trademarked pyramid heel.

However, unlike many one-hit-wonder shoe wear brands, Amina Muadi is still relevant in 2021 and, in reality, more than ever before!

Amina Muadi's Pumps
Rosie slingback pumps by Amina Muadi

Prada Embellished Shoulder Bag

Crystal bags came strong for this party season but they were already big all throughout 2021. And let’s be honest, Prada is the designer we have in mind for all things modern and different! Our going-out cult-favorite bags are getting a makeover. Classic silhouettes are now revamped with sequins, rhinestones, and beads, resulting in the perfect day-to-night look (with Happy Hour included!).

Embellished Cleo shoulder bag by prada
Embellished Cleo shoulder bag by Prada

Elisabetta Franchi Wide Leg Trousers

Suits and tailored clothing were such hits in 2021 and we can surely say that they defined fashion for those who love a classy style, perfect for work and special occasions but feel like comfort is a must at all times. Elisabetta is a genius of fancy wear and this year everyone went crazy for her timeless tailored look.

If there is one fashion item we spotted and loved during fashion weeks in 2021, it is the slouchy tailored trousers like these. And let’s be honest, everyone loves them and they work for every occasion, having the possibility to be dressed up or down. They simply are sophistication and elegance and give an androgynous look to everyday wear.

Elisabetta Franchi wide leg trousers fashion 2021 trends
Wide leg trousers by Elisabetta Franchi

Valentino Logo-Embroidered Bralette

Bralettes were the new tops in 2021. Mainly defined by not having underwires, the bralette can be used as an easygoing bra or sexy top. And in a year of fight against the patriarchy and female empowerment, we are embracing all breasts. Furthermore, bralettes offer what for most of us is so rare when it comes to bras: comfort and freedom. It is a great option as loungewear, casual running errands, but you can even dress it up with a slip skirt or a nice jacket. Even for travelling, bralettes will be your best friends.

Valentino Logo-Embroidered Bralette
Valentino Logo-Embroidered Bralette

Balenciaga City Bag

Although Balenciaga’s city bag doesn’t really correspond to Lh’s classic and distinguished taste, it surely is a timeless piece that took us out of our Hermès comfort zone. Balenciaga really did their thing with this iconic cosmopolitan look to this amazing fashion item. In 2021, NYC was completely filled with City Bags in every size and color, both brand-new and secondhand. This bag offers almost a political statement to fashion, a “recycled fashion is the new trend“.

Mini Neo Classic City Metallic Leather Top Handle Bag by Balenciaga
Mini Neo Classic City Metallic Leather Top Handle Bag by Balenciaga

Vintage. Everything!

Since we’re on the topic of vintage and secondhand fashion, this was a trend we loved watching continue to grow in 2021. Buying vintage or pre-loved has become one of the biggest movements in the fashion industry, and it has a lot of different advantages to consider.

Thrifting or vintage shopping is not only a more socially ethical and sustainable way of purchasing luxury items but also recycles old trends reinventing the true concept of Fashion and the Art we wear on the daily. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to find iconic pieces that otherwise would be forever forgotten.

Secondhand Hermès Kelly  bag black
Black Kelly 28 Crocodile Handbag by Hermès

We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 of our 2021 fashion favorites! Want more fashion content? From trends to tips for creating a timeless curated closet that will last you a lifetime, we have tons more to love!

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