8 Flooring Trends That Will Give Your Home a Luxurious Look In 2022

flooring trends 2022

Getting your home looking as amazing as possible takes a lot of hard work. Even simple elegant designs need careful planning to achieve the look. The same goes for any interior design trend. Flooring trends are one of the things to look out for in 2022 because popular designs are constantly changing.

Every year new styles, comebacks, and new technology come up. This means you might miss out on new flooring materials, styles, and patterns if you don’t check to see what’s updated. So it’s a good idea to check out what’s happening at your local Flooring Stores in New Zealand or wherever you live. In 2022, there are some flooring trends to make your home look super trendy and luxurious, read on!

Carpet Flooring

When it comes to making sure your home is polished but also comfortable, then installing carpet flooring is the way to go. Although when it comes to the design, it’s a bit trickier because of how some designs and materials can look more outdated than others. 

One carpeting material to try out would be soft stripes in neutral tones. This could make your flooring look interesting but not too striking. Besides, it can look great with other color themes because it’s neutral.

Mixing carpet and wood always looks great as see in this interior by KOKET
Mixing carpet and wood always looks great as seen in this interior by KOKET

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring has been a hot commodity for a while, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to dwindle in popularity anytime soon. This is because there are many benefits to using engineered hardwood flooring, such as the following:

  • Doesn’t warp or shrink due to humidity.
  • Can be used on any floor of homes or in businesses.
  • More durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Cheaper installation costs.

Getting the same look of hardwood can be achieved using laminate wood, but in comparison, engineered wood is far superior. At the end of the day, the look is important but durability, costs, and other aspects will affect the choice of material you choose. 

Statement Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is another material that will always be on-trend because of how sturdy and opulent it looks. But it can get rather boring since it comes in the usual white color. For the year 2022, you could try marble flooring that comes in different colors such as onyx, unexpected shades, bolder veining, and larger patterns.

desat giralda place living room
Polished white marble flooring makes a beautiful statement in this model living room at Giralda Place Residences by B+G Design

Graphic Tile Flooring

While minimalism and neutrals are popular, graphic and bolder styles are also making a return. Just like the graphic trends from the 60s and 70s, tiles with large graphic designs are now becoming more popular. The great thing about this is that you can have any bold patterns made because of how advanced technology has gotten. It looks extremely striking if you choose monochrome colors. However, you could even have different colors to add a bit more character to your flooring. 

Wide Plank Flooring

Easy installation is always welcome to homeowners and contractors, which is why wide plank flooring will be a style that works for any home or building. You could even have different kinds of wood designs, such as birk and oak as well as colors for wide plank flooring. It’s quicker and easier to apply and gives your flooring a sleeker and more continuous look.

decodiva dining table koket

Decorative Flooring

While wide plank flooring can look continuous and wider, you could go the opposite direction and get decorative flooring. This type of flooring focuses specifically on aesthetics such as detailed tile patterns, mosaic tiling, ‘70s nostalgia, pops of color, creative tile transitions, and more. The idea is to make your flooring like a canvas where it’s the center of attention and transform your home.

Decorative flooring trends 2022 in luxury dining room design by Ramzy Alaa
Decorative flooring adds the perfect balance to this stunning dining room design by Ramzy Alaa

Bleached Wood Flooring

Ash white wood is becoming incredibly desirable these days, especially with gray and slate becoming popular color choices. If this is something that you want to achieve in your home, then bleached wood flooring might be for you. Unlike usual wooden floors that are either dark or have a warmer tone to them, bleached wood flooring can look cooler with a softer whitened look to it. 

Smoked Wood Flooring

Highlighting patterns and bringing up contrasts is another current trend in interior design. To hop on this style and go for smoked wood flooring will be great. This type of wood flooring undergoes the ‘smoking’ process where the wood is placed in a chamber and ammonia is released into the air. Because of this, the color of the wood changes, and the natural grain of the wood becomes more enhanced and darker. This gives it a gorgeous and intense look that can bring attention to the natural patterns and textures of the wood.

When it comes to the choice of materials for flooring, you choose what you prefer for your home. Just like the way you choose decorative pieces and color themes, the most important thing is to think about your tastes and what you want to achieve with the aesthetic of your home. 

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