The Brazilian Wax – Everything You Need to Know

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For everyone out there considering a Brazilian wax, read on! For some people trying a Brazilian wax for the first time is a daunting experience, for some even the most dreadful thing they ever imagined. Well, there’s no denying that having to walk down a corridor and settle into a room to expose the most intimate part of the body is intimidating.

Needless to mention, the pursuit of being vulnerable to a complete stranger ripping pubic hair from areas you never knew existed on your body sounds extremely unpleasant. So how can one make this experience worthwhile? Well, the first thing is to find a skilled professional who uses the best techniques. And a reliable hot wax machine to make sure that your waxing adventure down there is successful.

First, What Is a Brazilian wax?

With a Brazilian wax, an esthetician will remove almost everything along the bikini line. In other words, it involves hair removal from the entire pubic region including what remains visible outside the bathing suit or underwear. There are two popular variants of Brazilian bikini wax and they are the Hollywood wax and the French Wax.

  • Hollywood Wax: In this hair removal method, all the hair lying in the labia, upper thighs, anus, and pubic bone comes off. Allegedly the name comes from the popularity of this type of waxing among Hollywood celebrities. Honeymoon Wax is another name for this method since it doesn’t leave behind any hair traces. 
  • French Wax: This method of waxing removes the hair lying around the pubic bone and labia and leaves behind a tiny rectangular strip. This strip is also referred to as the landing strip and remains at the front part of the pubic area. It is similar to complete Brazilian wax even though the hair around the buttocks is left behind. 

Depending on your personal preferences, you may choose to remove all the hairs in the pubic region. Or you may prefer to leave a tiny strip of hair on the front. Make sure you talk about it to the professional before he/she heats the wax in the hot wax machine. 

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How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax? 

Before the appointment, you should make sure that the pubic hair is at least a quarter-inch long. And in case it’s longer than an inch, you may choose to trim the hairs slightly so that the bikini wax can grip effectively. In order to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate the area gently a couple of days before. Since tanning may cause the skin to become excessively sensitive, you should avoid tanning at least a day before the date of hair removal. 

You should wear loose-fitting underwear made of breathable fabric like cotton. It is also recommended to cut down on caffeine and alcohol intake as both of these cause the pores to tighten and make the area tender. You may also take a pain-relieving medication about an hour before the appointment so that you feel lesser pain. 

How to Do a Brazilian Wax? 

The process of waxing takes around 15 to 30 minutes and maintaining hygiene is the top priority during the process. The technician wears gloves and starts tempering the wax in the hot wax machine and then applies the ready wax over the bikini region using suitable sticks. The wax is spread evenly over the area to ensure better hair removal. 

The direction begins from the front and gradually goes towards the back. You may have to hold some areas on your body that your professional cannot easily reach. Make sure that you decide and let the professional know whether you want to keep a small strip of pubic hair or want to get rid of everything. 

As the wax cools, the strips are pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. A clean and fast motion helps ensure the hair comes out at the root. You may also have to kneel on the tabletop. Or lie flat on the stomach for hair removal from the buttocks. 

Getting a Brazilian wax is truly a game-changer in pubic hair removal. But if you don’t consider the aftercare, then it may leave you in more irritation and pain than the waxing procedure itself. Thus, you should avoid doing anything that may irritate the sensitive skin for at least 2 to 3 days. Go for fragrance-free products and wear cotton underwear. 

Experts recommend that you exfoliate the skin gently after a few days. And apply a good moisturizer regularly to keep the area soft and smooth. This will prevent bumps, redness, and swelling. Since the area will be sensitive and raw, you should be careful and not do anything that would cause additional irritation. 

how long does a Brazilian bikini wax last

How Long Does the Wax Last? 

With the Brazilian wax, addiction to the silky smooth skin is natural, and the freedom from feeling intimidated when you have to be completely bare. But the problem with hair is that it grows back effortlessly. Even though it’s lighter and finer, you should be ready to have the wax running down the hot wax machine again. 

Generally, a Brazilian bikini wax can last from three to six weeks. And the best thing you can do for an effective result is to go regularly. Generally, younger people tend to grow hair faster compared to older people. 

The more you undergo this aesthetic treatment, the better and more long-lasting the result is going to be. So, before you leave the center, make sure that you book the next appointment to keep the bikini area smoother and cleaner. 

The Bottom Line

Before you go for Brazilian waxing, you should conduct thorough research on the waxing center to make sure that they maintain top-notch hygiene along with the right kind of hot wax machine for smooth execution of the process.

You should prepare yourself mentally and try to stay as calm as possible. Last but not the least, you must consult with the expert beforehand so that you can have a realistic expectation about further hair growth.

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