Preparing for the Wardrobe Changes That Come With Pregnancy & Maternity

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Pregnancy seems to be a thing women are pushing toward later in life or avoiding altogether. In 2020, the birth rate for women under the age of 25 declined along with an overall decrease in the number of births. 

For young women, this isn’t too surprising. There are a lot more options and interests young women will pursue nowadays, including school, working on their career, and of course, fashion.

Fashion has never been more popular, and with the ability to easily order clothes from around the world, it’s a fun time to be a fashionista. The sad fact is getting pregnant severely limits your wardrobe. 

However, having children is a significant goal for some women, and they want to make the pregnancy journey. While you might not be able to rock your usual wardrobe when you’re pregnant, it’s important to know the type of maternity clothing you should be wearing.

Early Pregnancy

When you find out you’re pregnant, you might still be able to go out and wear your skinny jeans or a form-fitting dress. However, you’ll soon notice your bust getting bigger and far more abdominal bloating. It’ll gradually become harder to fit into your regular clothes.

At this point, you should consider getting lightweight clothing that doesn’t hug your stomach too much. Lightweight is suggested because clothes that hug the stomach for some pregnant women increase the feelings of morning sickness

Mid Pregnancy

When women have entered mid-pregnancy, their bust and stomach area have significantly increased. At this stage, some women can fit into some of their regular clothing, but for many others, they cannot fit their regular clothes and have to adopt a new maternity wardrobe.

During mid-pregnancy, many pregnant women will wear oversized and loose clothing. Wearing tight clothing around the stomach area isn’t as much of a problem at this stage, but many women still opt for wearing looser and lighter clothes.

Some common clothing choices include oversized sweaters or cardigans, maternity jeans, large button-down shirts, long-flowing skirts, and loose-fitting maxi dresses. You’ll also want to wear comfortable socks and shoes. At this stage, you should also avoid wearing high heels as they increase feelings of back pain, cramps, and overall discomfort.

Some women will also get clothing that will last them until the end of their pregnancy. Since a woman’s belly area will continue to increase until the end of the pregnancy, it’s often easier to have clothing that can stretch and expand.

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Late Pregnancy

Once you’ve reached the final stages of your pregnancy, there’s no hiding the fact you’re pregnant. Your bust and mid-section have greatly increased, and you should have a notable baby bump. 

There isn’t too much different clothing you should wear compared to mid-pregnancy. Some women might buy clothing a bit larger than the ones they wore during mid-pregnancy, but everyone’s situation will vary. 

Post Pregnancy

After you’ve delivered your baby, you might want to go back to wearing your pre-pregnancy clothing, but you might not be quite ready. 

Since your body is still recovering from your pregnancy, you’ll want to wear loose and comfortable clothing. You probably won’t need to wear your maternity wardrobe, though.

If you’re breastfeeding, wearing button-ups or clothing with a zipper can be lifesavers. These types of clothing provide easy access for a baby to nurse, and there’s a fair number of stylistic choices you can make.

It can be hard to say goodbye to your old wardrobe, but you can still have fun with a pregnancy wardrobe. You have some options to play around with, and you can get really creative. 

Embracing your pregnancy should be encouraged, and you should feel empowered. You shouldn’t feel too awkward dressing in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear. Most people understand you won’t be rocking your usual fashion and probably won’t give you too hard of a time. 

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