Kitchen Design Tips to Reimagine Your Luxury Home In 2022

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Every year, there is a consistent cycle of evolution within the interior design and architectural space. It’s critical to absorb these trends and incorporate them when reimagining your home. Especially in the kitchen where technology and materials are constantly advancing. Staying home, i.e. cooking at home, more! may be a newish trend, but it definitely is not going anywhere. Read on for tips to stay ahead of kitchen design trends as you explore new ways to settle into your property in 2022!

Kitchen Design Tips to Reimagine Your Luxury Home In 2022

Create Hidden Storage

The first luxury kitchen design tip that every homeowner should incorporate this year is to create hidden storage throughout. The growth of the minimalistic approach to interior design has drastically changed the landscape of consolidating space. Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas in your home. Create an organized space by using this area to your advantage!

Adding a toe-kick drawer, hiding shelves behind a backsplash, or creating a pull-out pantry are great ways to create hidden storage. Even something as simple as creating a pull-out drawer for your garbage can save some room in your kitchen. Upper cabinets can also be a considerable way to hide items you rarely use while trying to make more room in your kitchen.

While spending so much time at home, people really want to feel a sense of organization and high-living at home.

luxury kitchen design tips interior design by house of one
Design by House of One

Incorporate Linear Lighting

Incorporating linear lighting in your kitchen this year is another hot luxury design trend to follow. Linear lighting usually comes in the form of a ‘strip’ of LED lights or pendants, or in simpler words, a line of lights. This modern form of lighting allows you to accent your home with a continuous line of lighting. This type of lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.

Linear pendant lights make an excellent addition to a kitchen; as they can illuminate areas for cutting and food preparation. The beauty of linear lighting in this instance is that it provides a more diffused light over a greater area, which differs from a spotlight. Having the ability to light multiple zones of a countertop makes it perfect for task lighting. Task lighting is one of the most practical ways to use linear lighting, although there are many other benefits which include mood lighting, ceiling lighting, and light layering.

house of one black and gold kitchen design
Design by House of One
koket luxury lighting

Utilize Black Appliances & Accents

A reliable way to spruce up your kitchen with a touch of customization is by utilizing accents and black appliances. Copper and brass hardware were popping in 2021, but now sophisticated black accents are leading the way in luxurious kitchen styling.

kitchen Design with black and brick details by Wade Weissmann Architecture
Design by Wade Weissmann Architecture

While natural, warm colors and subtle tones in the kitchen will continue to trend in 2022, black accents will be the next big thing for luxury homes. Items like a black sink and chairs to contrast your white marble island generate a more modern, bolder kitchen. This means black appliances, black stainless or black slat are the most ideal way to go. 

white kitchen Design with black appliances by Wade Weissmann Architecture
Design by Wade Weissmann Architecture

Some of these luxury appliances can be significantly more expensive than standard appliances which can strain your budget. When shopping around for such specific hardware and appliances, consider looking into a home equity loan. This loan is a tax-deductible and wise way to fund your home updates, especially when you’re conducting multiple projects at the same time since it’s one lump sum that you can use toward whatever you’d like. Also, using your home’s equity is a reliable funding option because it has a lower interest rate than a personal loan or credit card.

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Implement Chromatic Cabinetry

Over the last few years, colorful cabinetry has become a popular kitchen trend and it will continue into this year. Implementing chromatic cabinetry is a reliable way to add a more personal touch to your luxury kitchen. Try to move away from the all-white aesthetic by adding some color to your wood kitchen cabinets.

Professionals within the space have seen consumers start to get more adventurous with their kitchen cabinet color choice. Read through top interior design books in order to find the inspiration you’re looking for; maybe you will stumble upon a color pattern that you enjoy.

Color hues such as adding smokey charcoals, emerald greens, and rich navy blues are a bolder approach to kitchen cabinets. If you would rather ease into the trend, start with subtle, light blues. These colors are known for creating a sense of openness and airiness. Or maybe a bright orange is more to your taste?

orange kitchen Design by MMB Studio
Design by MMB Studio

If you are hesitant to paint yourself, hire a professional painter to assist with this project. This will ensure not only a well-completed job, but it can also save you the time and energy it takes to cover your other kitchen tools with plastic protectors. Find peace of mind by coloring your kitchen space so that it is unique to you!

Wrapping Up

Every year, new luxury kitchen design trends continue to develop. While some stick around longer than others, it’s important to find the ones that are both extravagant and effective. Try these kitchen design tips to spice things up in 2022 and beyond!

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