5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

spice up stale sex life

Let’s be honest; sex is fun and essential to most relationships. But as time goes by, relationships tend to lose that special spark. This can be due to reasons like a lack of communication, not having enough free time, intimacy issues, and even medical conditions.

In fact, studies show that most women aged 18 to 58 experience a decreased interest in sex. This may seem like a downer, but rest assured that there are plenty of ways to spice up a stale sex life. With over thousands of fetishes out there, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Keep on reading because we’ve featured some of the naughtiest ways to bring the heat back to your bedroom and spice up your sex life.

Spontaneity Is Sexy

When was the last time you and your partner had unplanned sex? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to change up your sexual routine. Sex isn’t a business meeting, so ditch the planning and add spontaneity to the mix. 

Spontaneity is sexy because of how unpredictable it is. The more spontaneous sex you have, the more your partner stays excited and guessing about what’s coming (no pun intended). So while most of us have a busy lifestyle, there are still ways you can sneak in some spontaneous sex. 

One of these ways is teasing your partner with suggestive texts during the day. Nudes, dirty talk, and naughty voice notes are enough to get your partner riled up. Keep your partner feeling aroused through sexy texts, and you’re sure to get some love once they get home. 

Another way to have spontaneous sex is by planning date nights and hiring a babysitter. This allows you to get some much-needed sexy time without worrying about the kids. Adding spontaneity to your sex life is the perfect way to spice it up.

Try Using Sex Toys

Did you know that 1 in 3 women don’t achieve orgasm during sex? One of the reasons behind this is that not every woman can orgasm from penetrative sex.

Sex toys can be the solution to this problem; so many to choose from. For example, using a clitoral suction toy can help your partner achieve orgasm during penetrative sex. There are also sex toys designed to be used by both partners simultaneously. From anal beads to vibrating cock rings, there’s enough to keep your sex life looking colorful. 

Want to try something more exciting? Try mutual masturbation with sex toys like cock sleeves and Hitachi wands. You can also try out remote-controlled sex toys while out in public for some spicy fun.

Communicate Your Needs

Good communication in the bedroom can help you understand your partner’s needs. This includes learning about their fetishes, trying out new things, and finding all their pleasure spots. In addition, communication is a great way to build trust and open up about your deepest fantasies.

Studies show that good communication can lead to better sex. Ask your partner what feels good for them during sex. Make sure your partner is comfortable trying new things, and ask them what elements they’d like to bring to the bedroom.

The communication needs to be mutual so you and your partner have their needs met. But before you start getting anxious, know it’s okay to ease into it slowly. You don’t have to tell your partner about your hidden kinks immediately.

Start by asking your partner what feels good during sex. Then you can slowly start talking about different topics like foreplay and the different kinks you’d like to explore. This can help both of you open up to more sexual possibilities and create some sexy memories. 

Alexia Bed by Koket

Explore Each Other’s Bodies

Sex is way more than just stimulating sexual organs. There are over 30 pleasure zones on a woman’s body; exploring them is one way to get your partner aroused beyond imagination. From the feet to the neck, all these areas need to be given attention too.

One good way to explore each other’s bodies is by performing oil massages on each other. This can get both partners hot and ready for a night of fun. It can also help relax and prep the body for different sex positions. 

Licking is a great way to stimulate these pleasure zones as well. So the next time you’re eating your partner out, try licking their pubic mound and thighs before you get to the goods. This will surely get your partner’s back arching since these spots are full of sensitive nerve endings.

If you’re into teasing, definitely take some time to explore your partner’s body rather than diving straight into penetration. 

Watch Porn Together

Watching porn with your partner is one way to get them comfortable with specific kinks and scenarios. There’s a whole world of fetishes for you to explore with your partner. So why not start by watching porn and getting familiar with them?

There are sites for all sorts of fetishes you can view with your significant other. For example, if you’re into feet and want to explore that fetish, you can try sites like funwithfeet.com. In addition, sites like kink.com have a wide variety of kink-based porn for you to enjoy.

If you’re not into visual porn, you can try out audio porn for a spine-tingling experience. Light some candles, get comfortable and enjoy this experience together.

Watching porn in the bedroom may even inspire you and your partner to make some of your own!

Wrapping Up

The key to having a flourishing sex life is good communication, finding time for each other, and trying out new things. Luckily there’s a whole world of sexual fantasies and accessories out there. Remember, it’s never a bad thing to incorporate things like sex toys or sexual wellness supplements into your bedroom life.

Trying new things out is a great way to find out what works for you and your partner. It can also reignite the spark and spice up a stale sex life.

We hope this article got you excited for a sexy time!

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