Empowered by Design with a KOKET Chair

empowered by design with koket chairs

When you hear the idea of design empowering, your initial instinct may be that this can’t really be possible. But have you ever sat in a chair that made you feel more powerful? One that fits you just right. One with its own individual flair. If you haven’t yet experienced this, we hope you get to soon! As there is nothing quite like the feeling of being empowered by design. So settle into a KOKET chair and feel the power of design!

From the dining room and living room to the kitchen and bath, imagine if every chair in your home empowered. Each perfectly designed for longevity, statement style, and empowering vibrations, a KOKET chair might be just what you’ve needed.

Empowered by The Dining Chair

From silk and brass hands to feathers, couture ruching, and cast brass branches, KOKET’s dining chairs are designed to empower. Dinner in with your family or a party with relished guests, the perfect dining chair is ready for the occasion.

nahema dining chair koket empowered design
merveille dining chair feathered upholstery koket luxury home decor
chandra dining table koket luxury empowered design
dining furniture in stock interior design refresh

The Accent Chair

A cozy reading corner, a pair by the fireplace, a single statement design element in the foyer or your dressing suite, the perfect accent chair is just the accessory every interior needs. Go for a statement color for fun flair or a neutral for soothing vibes. With feet in metal and wood and accents in brass, your perfect accent chair awaits.

high end pink velvet chair
geisha accent seating empowered design
naomi chair koket luxury upholstery empowered design
desire chair koket brass accent upholstered chair
denise chair koket
aberdeen accent chairs very peri purple lavender velvet
bloom black upholstery quick ship
drapesse bonnet chair koket luxury home decor empowered design
cocktail armchair koket upholstery

The Vanity Chair

Perching at your vanity to primp is a pleasure we all wish for in life. Make your moments count with an empowering vanity chair, just the seat for the job!

viva magenta luxury empowered design
cuff chair koket black and gold
venice chair koket

The Backless Chair

Sometimes a back just gets in the way. Go backless for a chic accent seat that’s easy to tuck away and always looks charming wherever its placed.

incanto bench koket empowered design chairs
seville pouf kk by koket empowered design
mandy stool koket

The Desk Chair

Comfort and empowering vibes are what KOKET’s singular desk chair is all about. We needn’t say more!

hemma office chair luxury empowered design

Design Your Chair

Explore the KOKET Textiles Collection | Make your chair yours with KOKET’s vast selection of fabrics, leathers, and even feathers available to upholster your favorite frames.

Explore KOKET’s Finishes | Love gold? Black lacquered wood more your thing? Or perhaps you prefer a sleek silver or antiqued copper. Whatever your fancy, KOKET has finishes to create just the look you want.

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